Can FIV-Positive Cats Live with Non-FIV Cats?

FIV-positive cats have always had a bad rap. They’re either killed in shelters or deemed unadoptable for life when in truth, they’re just as adoptable as non-FIV cats. In fact, Dr. Annette L. Litster from Purdue University’s College Of Veterinary Medicine conducted a study published in The Veterinary Journal that confirmed [...]

5 Things You’ve Heard About Shelter Dogs that Are Completely Untrue

What rumors have you heard about shelter dogs? Have you ever shared your fostering experience with a friend or family member hoping to get them on board, only to hear them throw false statements about shelter dogs at you? If you’re like us, then you’ve heard your share of excuses [...]

Fostering A Shelter Cat: Expectations VS. Reality

Have you been holding off on fostering a shelter a cat because you're unsure of what to expect? Or maybe you've heard a lot of negative opinions from those around you? Feeling skeptical about trying something new is completely natural and it's actually a good thing that you're not jumping [...]

Animal Shelter of the Week: Episode 60 – Edgewater Animal Shelter, Inc

Edgewater Animal Shelter serves the City of Edgewater, FL. They are 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. They take in unwanted and stray pets from the City of Edgewater and try and find loving homes for those that are able to be adopted. The shelter also [...]