Episode 18 – Part 2 with Jessica, Kelsey, Ginger and Monica, Transport Coordinators

In this episode, we have four experts on coordinating transports! They continue the conversation of last weeks episode with even more tips, advice and stories. Jessica Mueller is the Co-founder and Transport Coordinator at RACE, a 501 that that coordinates volunteer rescue relay transports in addition to offering monetary assistance for people [...]

TCs – Did you know you can keep your information hidden on Doobert except to those transporters that sign up for your transports?

Doobert has advanced functionality to help you manage YOUR rescue transports YOUR way. Every animal rescue or shelter organization is different.  Your needs are different and Doobert has the advanced features you need to run YOUR organization, YOUR way. Configure your organization settings to hide your TC contact info As [...]

3 Tools Every Rescue Transport TC Must Use

Animal Rescue Transport Coordinators have a few secret tools up their sleeve In today's get it shipped world it might surprise you that there's no Amazon Prime for rescue animals.  That's why animal shelters and rescues rely so heavily on amazing volunteers to transport animals across town or across the [...]

4 animal volunteer jobs you can do from home

Save animals from your living room.  Yes we're serious! We know how it is. It’s hard to find time to get to your local animal shelter to volunteer. Our lives and schedules are so busy that we just can’t seem to carve out time to help save animals. Well we’re [...]

3 innovative ways you can volunteer with your local animal rescue or shelter

Looking for innovative ways you can help rescue animals?  Here's 3 you should try! Many people tell us that they've tried volunteering at their local animal shelter and whether it was the staff, the facility or just the repetitive nature of the duties, they burned out and want to try [...]