Get alerts when your partner organizations list items in the Trading Post!

Do you have FOMO or as the kids say nowadays, the Fear Of Missing Out? Do you want to be alerted every time your partner organization lists something they offer in the Trading Post?   With the Item Notification feature, your organization will always be in the loop with what [...]

Sharing is caring with Doobert’s List Items for Others feature

Is your organization lacking basic necessities for your animals in care? Don’t you worry!   In Doobert, your organization can list available items to offer to other organizations in need or request items from other organizations, including pet food, animal accessories, medical supplies, and more!    Here’s how you can [...]

How to Find and List Items on the Doobert Trading Post

  Shelters and rescues often struggle with limited resources. Many rely on donations and fundraisers and don't raise enough money to accommodate the needs of their animals.   One way to lessen the burden is to build connections with other organizations and become a resource for one another. And that's [...]