How Can I Become a Doobert Volunteer Pilot?

Dear Steve, I do have 298 hours of flying experience and I am planning to do 100 hours of time building in a turboprop which will be done in a month and after that I would be more than happy to do some volunteer flying for you. Rahul If you [...]

The One Simple Thing We Can All Do to Help Save General Aviation for the Future

If you've been involved in general aviation for more than a few minutes you've probably heard the grumbling that general aviation is in trouble and airports and FBOs are struggling or folding up. There is also a valid concern the number of active pilots is not growing as fast as [...]

What Are My Responsibilities When Transporting an Animal as a Volunteer Pilot

Question Dear Steve, I'd like to volunteer with as a volunteer pilot but I don't know what my responsibilities are? Do I just show up and pick up the dog or is there more I need to know? David Answer David, I'd love to tell you there is nothing [...]