Nextdoor App for Dogs Makes Pet Ownership More Enjoyable | theDogHood

If you’re a fan of tapping your neighborhood using Nextdoor, then you’d be just as excited for theDogHood! An app that lets you hold hands with other dog lovers in your journey from puppy to dog owners, theDogHood makes owning a dog even more enjoyable. According to Ruchi Joshi and [...]

An App That Helps Dog Owners Make the Right Pet-Parenting Decisions | Scout9

What if we told you that it’s now easier for dog owners like you to take great care of your cute and lovable pooch? If your response to this goes along the lines of “OMG, yes please!”, then say no more. You’re in for a treat with Scout9’s Pocket Scout! [...]

Say Goodbye to Awkward Interactions at the Dog Park | PawConX

Have you ever felt awkward and isolated while waiting for your Fido to finish playing with other dogs in the dog park? With an overwhelming 91% of the U.S. population believing that dog parks are good for dogs, it’s no surprise that dog areas have swiftly become standard amenities in [...]