Promoting Better Dog Gut Health With Fermented Whole Superfood Topper │ Gussy’s Gut

Rob Ryan, the founder of Gussy’s Gut, has a simple yet admirable goal — to create high-quality, nutrient-dense products to help pet parents worldwide. What came to fruition with his goal is a fermented whole superfood product that is jampacked with nutritional benefits! Continue reading to learn more about his [...]

Health And Wellness Monitor For Better Insight On Your Pet │ MyPetGo

Searching for a functional and accurate health tracker that can follow your pet's activity and location? That is precisely how MyPetGo operates! It is an advanced pet health and wellness wearable device that collects valuable health data and offers practical solutions! MyPetGo provides in-depth pet information regarding your pet's behavior [...]

Instant Access To Licensed Veterinarians With A Click Of A Button │ Hello Ralphie

It is undeniable that one of the worst parts of being a pet owner is facing a medical emergency during the woe hours of the night or morning! Not knowing what is wrong with them or how to help them will make you panic. The fact that the local vet [...]

A Smart Collar For Real-Time Pet Health Monitoring │ Pet Metrics

Pet Metrics is a newly-established company founded by Dr. Gary Richter, a talented veterinarian that has been challenging the boundaries of standard veterinary medicine. He is constantly looking for new and innovative methods and ways to help his patients.  Currently, one of his newest projects is Pet Metrics, a small [...]

Epigenetic Biomarkers As A Proactive Approach To Pet Health Care │ EpiPaws

An animal's age can tell a lot about them. For starters, it can help estimate their average life span, the pet health care they need, and the type of behavior you can expect from them. Also, knowing their age can help you gauge whether they are slowing down or developing [...]

Pets Living Naturally With The Help Of Animal Aromatherapy │ Texas Oil Lady

While Aromatherapy is rather famous for its therapeutic uses and benefits for humans, only a few know that animal aromatherapy also exists. With more people seeking alternative, natural, and holistic therapies for their health-related issues, they are also becoming aware that many of these therapies can be used and applied [...]

The Pet Health Platform Designed To Give Money Back To Pet Owners │ myBalto

The healthcare industry continuously advances into the digital era. So it's not a surprise that the same occurs in the pet healthcare industry. With the nonstop introduction of new smart pet technology, the industry only proceeds to adapt and evolve. One of the technologies that are making reasonable noise in [...]

Keep Track Of Your Pet’s Activities and Health Using A Well-Developed Dog App │ Dogiz

If you're a dog parent, you probably have many things going on, especially in regard to taking care of your beloved pet. There's dog training, toys, healthcare, daily activities, and diet – not to mention just wanting to give them the best as it is what they deserve. Fortunately, pet [...]