Sustainable Dog and Cat Treats From Upcycled Ingredients │ Shameless Pets

Have you ever heard of upcycled products? In essence, it’s about preventing food waste by repurposing surplus food into higher quality, sustainable products! Upcycling is gaining popularity and attention nowadays, opening up new ways to venture into innovative approaches to food waste. Shameless Pets is one company that took this [...]

Publish Books That Enrich Pet’s Lives │ Riley Publishing

Reading a book is undeniably one of the best means to learn about new things. For dog owners, it is an excellent way to understand their pets and their behavior better. Fortunately, more and more writers, both new and experienced, publish books about pets and various aspects of the industry. [...]

Food Pantries for Cats and Dogs In Need | Paw Pet Pantry

Nowadays, food pantries have become a vital source of free, wholesome food, nutrition education, and health screenings in the neighborhood.  The goal of a community food pantry is to directly assist neighborhood residents who struggle with hunger and food insecurity. But what about the pet cats and dogs in that [...]