Save Time by Using Favorite Rides for Local Ride Requests!

Are you using Local Rides to transport animals to regular appointments, like vet checkups, grooming, or training sessions? You could actually save yourself a lot of time by using Favorite Rides!   Favorite Rides allows you to pair up a pick-up and drop-off location so you can easily select them [...]

Find Sending and Receiving Organizations | Search for Partners

It can be a challenge to find sending or receiving partners, especially if you're already preoccupied with other rescue-related matters.   But that's exactly why we developed a more convenient way for organizations like you to find partners on Doobert.   From finding organizations to work with, to setting up [...]

Volunteers Can Help You Manage Your Account | Volunteer Permissions

Did you know that you can give Doobert-registered volunteers permission to help you manage your organization's account?   And don't worry, you have complete control over which functionalities they get access to.   Maybe you need someone to oversee transports or review adoption applications - you can easily restrict a [...]

Find and Connect with Volunteers on Doobert | Volunteer Search

Do you need more animal rescue volunteers? With Doobert, there's no need to take the long route!   Whether you're looking for a transporter, foster, photographer, or even a virtual volunteer, our Volunteer Search feature makes the process quick and easy.   Ready to find volunteers? Here's how it works! [...]

Share Adoptable Animals to Your Facebook Page! | Animal Share Templates

Did you know that you can connect your Facebook account to Doobert and share your animals directly to your Facebook page or group?   And even better, you choose how you want your posts to look on Facebook! After connecting your account, you simply choose from our selection of Animal [...]

Use Ambassador Pages to Display All Your Animals’ Info! | Animal Profiles

We've talked about Ambassador Pages in our previous blog but in case this is your first time hearing about them: Ambassador Pages are basically animal profiles with a twist.   They're capable of displaying more than just an animal's profile photo and basic information — they give foster volunteers the [...]