Dog Food That Challenges Dog Years │ Happy Howl

Have you heard of dog food that is 100% human-grade? Yes, it exists. A few dog food products in the market are suitable or safe for human consumption. Though, they are heavily outnumbered by feed-grade products.  Human-grade dog food is becoming increasingly popular in the pet industry. It has several [...]

Feeding Your Pet A Delicious Home Cooked Feast │ Dog Child

Are you feeding your pets with the same thing over and over during every meal? You can probably imagine how painfully dull that is.  You might also notice that your dog isn't enjoying their dog food or kibble anymore. Like humans, dogs do crave something new and delicious once in [...]

Affordable, Healthy Dog Food Options Customized and Delivered for Your Pooch | Breck & Bailey

If you’re looking for healthy and fresh dog food options that are personalized for your pooch and delivered to your door, Breck & Bailey may have what you need. A startup with headquarters in Denver, Breck & Bailey is a company that produces fresh dog food and dog products. It [...]