Kitty DT: A Natural Remedy For Feline Distemper

What’s Kitty DT? Kitty DT, formerly called Kitty Distempaid, is an organic herbal remedy manufactured by Amber Technology. It’s made to help kittens and adult cats recover from Feline Distemper by normalizing the digestive function of the stomach and relieving the gastrointestinal symptoms of the disease. Aside from Feline Distemper, [...]

9 Ways Feline Distemper is Similar to Canine Parvovirus

Feline Distemper should really be called Feline Parvovirus.  Why you ask? Well for starters, Feline Distemper, also known as Panleukopenia, is a virus that impacts the rapidly dividing cells in a cat’s body, much like the Canine Parvovirus.  The name literally means pan- (all) leuko- (white blood cells) -penia (lack [...]