Fresh and Preservative-Free Dog Treats For The Pets You Adore And Love │ Doggy Dog Treats by Jazzy

What do you recall doing at the age of 10? Probably playing around the house and block with your friends. Not Jasmine Thomas-Gainey, though. At that young age, she was already coming up with a business proposal and mixing up recipes and formulas for dog treats! Four years into her [...]

From Dangerous Fish Species Into Delicious Low Calorie Treats │ Pezzy Pets

Invasive species pose a significant danger to the ecosystem — that is very much a fact. They are a direct threat to the native fish species, as they either prey on them or outcompete them in terms of food and resources. Unfortunately, these invasive species are here to stay, as [...]

The Ultimate Subscription Box That Can Meet All Pet Needs │ Petsi Box

Monthly subscription boxes give the recipient the same excitement and joy as opening a new gift. It is why people adore the idea of purchasing subscription boxes for themselves and their families! While at it, why not extend that happiness to your pets too? Most pet subscription boxes come to [...]

Plant-Based Dog Treats That Taste Like Real Meat! | Bright Planet Pet Dog Treats

Ever wondered if your dog can make the switch to a plant-based diet? Just as the vegan and vegetarian movements have surged for humans, the concept of getting their companion animals to consume plant-based treats has also become a rising trend among pet parents. To cater to this growing interest, [...]

Never Worry About Your Dog Choking on A Bully Stick Ever Again | Bow Wow Labs

Have you ever given your dog a bully stick only for them to end up biting off a chunk that's a little too big and choking on it? A terrifying situation like that is enough to make you swear off treats for good. If you're one of the concerned pet [...]