Decorating An Office Space With Stunning Dog Art │Global Dog Art

Combining art and animals is a sure way to catch attention and keep conversations going. Placing dog art in a particular space can make it warmer and more welcoming.  That is what Michael Puck, dog photographer, believes. He worked initially as a dog walker, volunteering to support animal shelters.  Though, [...]

Pets Are Getting Their Families Through This Difficult Time | Dogs I Meet – Tales of Support

Is your dog keeping you sane during this pandemic? Do you want to honor your pooch for the love and support that they’ve shown you? What about letting everyone know how great your dogs are and how incredible they've been throughout this lockdown? If the idea sounds appealing to you, [...]

Boston Photographer Aspires to Tell Every Dog’s Tale | Dogs I Meet

"Because every dog has a tale." This is Boston Photographer, Mindy Dutka's, motto—and the inspiration behind her pet photography company called Dogs I Meet. As a dog-lover, Mindy is determined to use her photography skills to tell the story of every dog she meets. Her ultimate goal is to give [...]

Automated Photo Editor Increases Adoption Rates In Shelters | Adoptimize

We hear it time and time again: "a picture is worth a thousand words." And undoubtedly, the saying holds true for many homeless pets. For them, a single photo can make the difference between life and death. The deciding factor? How good a photo is at attracting an adopter. For [...]