Dog Grooming School Helps People With Barriers to Employment | Canine Grooming Academy

If pet grooming sounds like a career that interests you, why not start your journey to success with Canine Grooming Academy? A beauty school for dog grooming, Canine Grooming Academy operates with a mission to help people with barriers to employment. According to Rebecca Katz, co-founder of the dog grooming [...]

Clippers for Dog Nails Help Pet Groomers Keep Dogs Groomed | KlipTrio

Take the stress out of keeping your dogs groomed and their nails trimmed! KlipTrio is the first and only three-in-one pet nail trimmer with the first-ever disposable styptic powder cartridges. And nope, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, its creator, Alexandre Contreras, aims to make KlipTrio the [...]

Education Program for Aspiring Pet Grooming Business Owners | The Bark Shoppe

As with humans, ensuring that they maintain a healthy lifestyle and keeping up their appearance are also important facets of your dogs’ well-being. However, not all pet owners have an idea where to start when it comes to grooming their Fidos. To address this issue, The Bark Shoppe revolutionizes the [...]