Chest Thumping: How Does Coupage Help Distemper In Dogs

Distemper in dogs has various effects on the affected one, including the accumulation of secretions in the lungs. This is where chest-thumping enters, physiotherapy that can help loosen and remove the excess phlegm, mucus, and sputum that makes it hard to breathe. Some owners are encouraged to do coupage, the medical [...]

4 Reasons for Feline Distemper Vaccination Failures

Why Do Vaccines Fail? Since Feline Distemper doesn’t have a cure, cat owners are strongly urged to get their feline friends vaccinated. There may not be a 100% guarantee that doing so will keep cats from contracting the virus, but most Feline Distemper vaccines are highly effective and significantly reduce [...]

What Causes Skin Infections in Dogs with Distemper?

Bacterial Skin Infections in Dogs  As with any disease, Distemper causes an infected dog’s immune system to become weaker than normal. That means, throughout their treatment and recovery period, they’re vulnerable to all sorts of harmful pathogens, including opportunistic bacteria, which typically don’t cause problems but can do so when [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Pinkeye in Dogs with Distemper

What’s Pinkeye? Pinkeye, also known as conjunctivitis, is a condition where the tissues covering the front portion of the eyes and lining the eyelids become inflamed and itchy. Normally, the inflammation is only seen in one eye but it can also spread to both eyes. While pinkeye can affect any [...]

Dogs That Overcome Distemper Often Suffer Brain Damage: Here’s What You Need to Know

Brain Damage in Distemper Survivors If you’ve already done a bit of research on Distemper, then by now, you probably know that the potentially life-threatening disease has three stages of infection. When dogs pick up the virus, they typically experience respiratory effects (sneezing, coughing, nasal, and eye discharge) within one [...]