A Pet-Friendly Guide to Weathering Storms

Are you ready for hurricane season? Any inclement weather, mild or severe, can result in scared, stressed and even lost pets. Animals can often can predict and smell an approaching storm well before humans, which can influence their behavior. Be aware of how your pets act during severe weather and [...]

12 Items You Definitely Don’t Want Missing from Your Pet First-Aid Kit

  Did you know that April is Pet First-Aid Awareness Month? It’s the perfect time to go back and re-check your pet’s current first aid kit to see which supplies need to be thrown out or restocked. If you haven’t put one together yet, then we’re here to help! As [...]

Doobert & Hurricane Harvey – What can you do?

“Nationwide thinking, nationwide planning and nationwide action are the three great essentials to prevent nationwide crises for future generations to struggle through.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt As you might imagine, there are a lot of people wanting to help with the Hurricane Harvey response, particularly to help animals in addition [...]