The Biggest Problem With no kill, And How You Can Fix It

No kill as a philosophy seems to have problems.  But you can be the solution. What does no-kill mean? We’ve talked about the problem with the term no kill before. The term seems to divide even the most passionate animal rescue professionals into two camps; those that agree with the [...]

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Playing with kittens helps relieve stress. Kittens can give you that sense of perfect tranquillity and wonder - a reminder that life should have smiles!  A place where there is a guarantee you’ll see at least a kitten near you is at your local animal shelter. That is, of course, [...]

Luna is Reunited With Family After Hurricane Harvey recently completed a transport in conjunction with Best Friends Animal Society that helped a victim of Hurricane Harvey reunite with their pet through support of a common site with information for owners called Best Friends Animal Society set up an impromptu shelter at the NRG Arena in Houston, [...]