Connecting You Deeper With Your Animals | Animal Michael Lane

Are you having problems communicating with your animal companions? Animal Michael Lane is an animal communicator who can help you connect deeper with your animals. According to Michael, “My main job is really animal communication. And that is through telepathy, which, I know, is like a woo woo thing. But [...]

Floating Food and Water Bowl Sets Elevate Your Pet’s Life | Katio & Dogio

Looking for items from Katio & Dogio that can help you elevate your pet’s quality of life? The Kitty Kafe and Doggy Diner floating food and water bowl sets are just some of the company's pet products that help solve pet parent issues everywhere! Co-founded by Kelly Pepper and Alden [...]

Dog Dental Product Improves Dog’s Teeth for Healthy Dog Gums | TEEF for Life – Protektin42

Improve your furbabies’ dental health in a safer, revolutionary way! TEEF for Life’s Protektin42 prebiotic powder makes healthy dog gums within your and your Fidos’ reach. According to Dr. Emily Stein, a self-proclaimed microbiologist geek, the co-founder of TEEF, and inventor of Protektin42™, the idea for drinkable dental health started [...]

Find the Right Dog to Adopt with This Science-Based ComPETibility Quiz | How I Met My Dog

Did you know that certain factors, including a pup’s physical appearance and breed, can affect whether or not a potential pet parent wishes to adopt a new dog? However, according to Jodi Andersen, this should not be the case. Co-founder and Chief Dog Officer of How I Met My Dog, [...]