Combining Passions: Crocheting And Cat Behavior │ The Crocheting Cat Behaviorist

A person who can combine and bring together their passion and interest is truly remarkable and admirable. Pam Webster did just that! She built The Crocheting Cat Behaviorist around her love for cats and crafts to support and spread joy to homeless felines. With crocheting and cat behavior, Pam is [...]

Repurposing Pet Waste To Help the Environment │ Enviro Pet Waste Network

Rose Seemann is on a mission — the same one being worked on by the non-profit she helped establish, Enviro Pet Waste Network. “To make a kinder planet for people and pets by repurposing pet waste — and there’s a whole lot of it.” Rose says 8-12% of residential waste [...]

Empowering Mobile Vets and Veterinary Care With The Best Scheduling Technology │ Kumba

Are you a veterinarian struggling with all the demanding admin work and tasks? Being a professional, you probably prefer getting all this paperwork or scheduling tasks out of the way so you can finally do your actual job, which is providing veterinary care. Unfortunately, these tasks are part of any [...]

Protect Your Pet Even When You Can’t Do It Yourself │ Animal Care Trust USA

Have you ever considered opening a pet trust to protect your pet and secure its future? If not, then this article might make you consider such a decision! If you’re a pet owner, probably among your worst fear would be leaving behind your pet or not being able to care [...]

Health And Wellness Monitor For Better Insight On Your Pet │ MyPetGo

Searching for a functional and accurate health tracker that can follow your pet's activity and location? That is precisely how MyPetGo operates! It is an advanced pet health and wellness wearable device that collects valuable health data and offers practical solutions! MyPetGo provides in-depth pet information regarding your pet's behavior [...]

Understanding The Wonders Behind Horse Rescue │ Return To Horse Medicine

Return to Horse Medicine (R2HM) is a reputable horse rescue organization that works hard to manage and meet the high needs of horses of the equine world. Though, know that their lifework and goal go beyond rescuing horses. As Leah Kyaio, the founder of R2HM said, “We are technically a [...]

Premium Dog Products: The Indestructible Treat Clincher │BarkerFun

Susan Mravca, the founder of BarkerFun, is an entrepreneur with a mission and goal — to give pet owners the option to entertain their pets with premium dog products while giving themselves their much-needed me-time. Through her research, she discovered the wonders of slow-feeding dog treats! Unfortunately, she found out [...]

Instant Access To Licensed Veterinarians With A Click Of A Button │ Hello Ralphie

It is undeniable that one of the worst parts of being a pet owner is facing a medical emergency during the woe hours of the night or morning! Not knowing what is wrong with them or how to help them will make you panic. The fact that the local vet [...]