Revolutionary Pet Supplies And Products To Solve Real Problems │ Diggs

As a pet parent, you're probably on the constant hunt to find the best pet supplies and gear for your pet to use. Unfortunately, with the growing pet industry, there are more and more low-quality and undifferentiated products becoming available in the market. You probably don't want that for your [...]

Learn About Animal Behavior Using Reliable and Trustworthy Sources │ Bella Behavior

Having pets can be a deeply rewarding and fulfilling experience. Though, some pet parents are having a more challenging time than others. Some struggle with aggression, others with separation anxiety, and a few with inappropriate elimination. In these cases, pet owners need help understanding animal behavior. When all hope seemed [...]

Keep Dogs From Slipping On Surfaces With ToeGrips │ Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips

Is your pup or senior dog slipping on surfaces like no one's business? If they often do the whole slip n' slide, it could mean they have weak traction or grip on their paws and nails. While they may look cute being clumsy like that, you should take these tumbles [...]

Giving Back To Heroic Military Working Dogs │ Project K-9 Hero

Military Working Dogs may not have actual boots on the ground, but you will undoubtedly find them serving wherever the troops are. They may be animals, but these are real, four-legged fighters trained to be loyal and highly-skilled warriors that make no mistakes. Like any other soldier, these dogs are [...]

Proper Pet Cancer Treatments By Connecting With The Right Specialists │ Pet Cancer Care Consulting

Pet cancer is a somber topic to get into. It is one of the worst possible nightmares of any pet owner. Just like Dr. Rachel Venable said, “Nobody wants to think about cancer.” While it is an issue that most pet owners would rather not talk about, some are forced [...]

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All rescues have the same goal – to help as many animals as possible. How they go about is what makes them different from each other. These non-profits make it so that they reinvent the wheel and come up with various solutions that are efficient, innovative, and smart.  There’s one [...]

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Reading a book is undeniably one of the best means to learn about new things. For dog owners, it is an excellent way to understand their pets and their behavior better. Fortunately, more and more writers, both new and experienced, publish books about pets and various aspects of the industry. [...]

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PluFor small feline-centric nonprofit organizations, funding is essential. A way to secure financial stability is vital to ensure that they can help and provide for the needs of all the animals under their care. For small non-profits, finding enough funding to keep them afloat is a struggle. What is fortunate, [...]