Consulting Services That Help You Launch and Grow Your Pet Care Biz | The Dog Gurus

Is your pet care business ready to go to the next level? Fall in love all over again with running it by teaming up with The Dog Gurus! A pet care business consulting and staff training company, The Dog Gurus helps pet care biz owners launch, grow, and profit. The [...]

Easy Access to Vets Using Personalized Video Teletriage | VidiVet

The demand for veterinary services has never been so high, no thanks to the massive boom in pet ownership over the last few years. Along with this, however, comes a problem: there aren’t enough vets to cater to every pet parents’ demand all of the time. The good news? Ben [...]

Pet Evacuation Kit Helps You Care for Your Pets During Emergencies | Pet Evac Pak

Did you know that 91% of pet parents today are not prepared to evacuate with their animal companions? Good thing Pet Evac Pak offers pet evacuation kits that help you care for your animals even during disasters. Founded by Claudia Wiles and Michelle Danielson, Pet Evac Pak is a women- [...]

Non-Invasive Collection of Urine Samples Transform Pet Urinalysis | CheckUp Kit

Did you know that there’s now a simpler way to collect your dog’s or cat’s urine samples? Simply check out CheckUp Kit! CheckUp is a brand from Coastline Global that strives to promote the highest standards of animal welfare. According to Alon Rosenberg, who started the company in 2010, “CheckUp [...]

Treat-Dispensing Agility & Mind Puzzles to Improve Pet Behavior | Canine Innovation

Yes, we know that treat-dispensing agility & mind puzzles are helpful to pet parents who want to improve their pets’ mental health and behavior. But did you know that it’s now possible for your dog to do them even without you around? As per Alexandra Smith, who founded Canine Innovation, [...]

Children’s Book Teaches Dog Safety and Animal Behavior for Kids | Doggy Do’s and Don’ts

Are you looking for a book that will help your kids learn to interact safely with dogs? “Doggy Do’s & Dont’s” is a beautifully illustrated non-fiction children’s book that teaches dog safety and animal behavior for kids. Authored by Dr. Emily Levine, Doggy Do’s & Don’ts aims to reduce the [...]

Eco-Friendly Dog Bone Keeps Pets’ Teeth Healthy | BetterBone

If you want to find an all-natural dog bone for your dog and help the planet at the same time, look no further than BetterBone! A revolutionary option for your dog’s dental hygiene, BetterBone offers 100% sustainable dog bones that keep your dogs' teeth safe. In fact, as per Chisholm [...]