Providing Natural Solutions to Problems in Animal Patients | Replenish

Keep your dogs active at their best with Replenish! A natural dog water supplement, Replenish was designed to restore the core nutrients your dog needs. According to Dr. Rachel Walsh, a veterinarian and animal chiropractor who created Replenish, “Canine athletes are getting their best times yet when drinking Replenish dog [...]

Helping Men Awaken to Their Path by Letting Their Dogs Lead | Dogs and Men

A connection between dogs and men that you can use to live a life of purpose and extraordinariness. That’s what Michael Overlie, an energy healer, Canine-Partnered Energy Coach, and author, does with Dogs and Men. According to Michael, “I combine all these things to create a different way for men [...]

Nextdoor App for Dogs Makes Pet Ownership More Enjoyable | theDogHood

If you’re a fan of tapping your neighborhood using Nextdoor, then you’d be just as excited for theDogHood! An app that lets you hold hands with other dog lovers in your journey from puppy to dog owners, theDogHood makes owning a dog even more enjoyable. According to Ruchi Joshi and [...]

Keeping Black-Owned Pet Businesses Connected | Black Pet Business Network

Did you know that African Americans only make up less than 4% of the pet industry's demographics? Lashonda Geffrard, founder of the Black Pet Business Network, aims to change all that. In the words of Lashonda, “Our primary goal is to help with the diversity and inclusion issue that we [...]

Pet Evacuation Kit Helps You Care for Your Pets During Emergencies | Pet Evac Pak

Did you know that 91% of pet parents today are not prepared to evacuate with their animal companions? Good thing Pet Evac Pak offers pet evacuation kits that help you care for your animals even during disasters. Founded by Claudia Wiles and Michelle Danielson, Pet Evac Pak is a women- [...]

Treat-Dispensing Agility & Mind Puzzles to Improve Pet Behavior | Canine Innovation

Yes, we know that treat-dispensing agility & mind puzzles are helpful to pet parents who want to improve their pets’ mental health and behavior. But did you know that it’s now possible for your dog to do them even without you around? As per Alexandra Smith, who founded Canine Innovation, [...]

Shower Head Hose Easily Rinses Your Pet | Rinseroo

Bathe your dog whenever you please with the best shower head hose from Rinseroo! This pet and shower cleaner helps you say goodbye to the messy and backbreaking chore of rinsing your pet. According to Lisa and Jake Lane, respectively the inventor and eCommerce manager of Rinseroo, “It is reinventing [...]

Floating Food and Water Bowl Sets Elevate Your Pet’s Life | Katio & Dogio

Looking for items from Katio & Dogio that can help you elevate your pet’s quality of life? The Kitty Kafe and Doggy Diner floating food and water bowl sets are just some of the company's pet products that help solve pet parent issues everywhere! Co-founded by Kelly Pepper and Alden [...]