Find the Best Pet Insurance on This Marketplace | Pawlicy Advisor

Want to find the best pet insurance for your fur babies but have no idea where to go? Pawlicy Advisor is your answer! A pet insurance marketplace, Pawlicy Advisor is a pet care financing platform that operates the same way as Kayak or Priceline. The difference is that they [...]

Awarding Feline Research Grants to Advance Cat Health | EveryCat Health Foundation

Groundbreaking research focusing on cats can be hard to find. But that’s what EveryCat Health Foundation is for! A nonprofit organization, EveryCat Health Foundation advances cat health by supporting research and education in this field. According to Jackie Ott Jaakola, who serves as the Executive Director of the foundation, “We work [...]

Delivering Pets’ Essential Needs Through Pet Hydration | Waggin Water

Water keeps our animals alive, but why not give them the additional nutrients they need for pet hydration? Luckily, Waggin Water is here to help. Founded by Drew Whited, Waggin Water aims to contribute to animals' hydration, health, and wellness—one sip at a time. According to Drew, “Waggin Water is [...]

Enrichment Toys That Bring Outdoor Fun for Indoor Cats | Dezi & Roo

Want to get your bored cat excited even when you’re not around? Why not try cat toys from Dezi & Roo? Founded by Dr. Lynn Bahr, Dezi & Roo designs, manufactures, and sells enrichment toys that enhance your lives and your cats’ lives. The goal is to bring outdoor fun [...]

Lifelong Guardianship for Pets Who Lost Their Humans | The Pet Cottage

Life is filled with uncertainties, and needless to say, there may come a time when you’ll have to let your pet go. So if you’re apprehensive about what will happen to your pet by then, why not have The Pet Cottage take care of them? Founded by Wendy Derhak, The [...]

Helping Humans and Animals Understand Each Other Better | Sipho Animal Communications

We hear that. Those skeptical eyebrows rising as soon as you read the Sipho “Animal Communications” part of the title. But, dear readers, communicating with animals on a telepathic level is, indeed, real. It’s not just woo-woo. And Stefanie Skupins is here to prove it. According to Stefanie, who is [...]

Connecting You Deeper With Your Animals | Animal Michael Lane

Are you having problems communicating with your animal companions? Animal Michael Lane is an animal communicator who can help you connect deeper with your animals. According to Michael, “My main job is really animal communication. And that is through telepathy, which, I know, is like a woo woo thing. But [...]

Feline Essential Natural Products Treat and Prevent Health Issues | Two Crazy Cat Ladies

What’s that? Two crazy cat ladies you can rely on for your cats’ health issues? Well, that’s how it is. If you’re obsessed with ensuring your felines' natural health, Two Crazy Cat Ladies offer Feline Essential™, a full line of natural supplements that help treat and prevent many common health [...]