Holistic Health Brought By Medicinal Mushrooms | Real Mushrooms

From the pantry-staple button mushrooms to the glorious truffle mushroom, it is undeniable that these yummy and medicinal mushrooms are increasing in popularity as the main source of food for many people.   Aside from being delicious, mushrooms are also a great way to improve health as proven by a [...]

Personalized Medicine for Your Dog With Cancer | FidoCure

Good news! If you’re worried about your dog with a tumor, FidoCure uses precision medicine to treat dogs with cancer. Manufactured by the One Health Company, FidoCure aims to eradicate canine cancer. Along with that, their mission is to improve the quality of life for canine patients and give new [...]

Vet Surgeon Works With Innovative Technologies That Enhance Animal Health | Dr. Simon Doherty

If you’re passionate about using innovative technologies for enhancing health and welfare, Dr. Simon Doherty may be a great point of reference. A veterinary surgeon with a keen interest in global livestock health, welfare, and the design of new and improved vaccines for farm animals, Dr. Simon is one of [...]