5 Qualities the Best People in the animal rescue Transport Industry Tend to Have

This is a shout out to all of our favorite animal rescue transport volunteers out there with the 5 qualities that they display.  You’ll easily be able to pick out the best transporters in a crowd. #5 Flexibility – Anyone that has been in animal rescue relay transport for very [...]

3 laws anyone working in animal rescue transport should know

As we’ve said in previous blogs, we at Doobert are big proponents of reputable animal rescue and following the laws around animals.  So we thought we might give you a quick recap on 3 key laws in animal rescue transport that you should know about. PACFA – A few years [...]

3 Apps to Help You Manage Your animal rescue Transport

When you’re prepping for your next rescue relay transport, you might want to download a few apps from your favorite app store to make the trip even better.  Here’s a few of our favorites. 3 Amazing apps you'll want for your next animal rescue transport 1. Waze – If you [...]

How Can I Make Sure I Don’t Lose a Dog During a Transport

Question Dear Steve, I'd love to fly animals to help Doobert but I'm worried about having a dog get loose on me and losing it. Charles Answer Charles, Thank you so much for sending me in your question. Just yesterday I was having lunch with a pilot who has flown [...]