Spray Leash for Your Dog Refreshes Your Pet and Protects Them on the Go | Spleash

spleash spray leash for dogs protects your dog and refreshes them on the go

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 88 - Spleash

Spray Leash for Your Dog Refreshes Your Pet and Protects Them on the Go | Spleash

Looking for a spray leash that solves all your walking woes with your dog? Relief is just a spray away with Spleash!

According to Kerry Cooke, founder and inventor of Spleash,

“Spleash is a spray leash handle that attaches to your favorite leash and holds 12 ounces of water and can spray up to 14 feet so you can walk, protect, and refresh your animal on the go…”

Inventing Spleash in All Its Glory

spleash spray leash for dogs

As someone who lives in the hot Southern California sun with a 91-pound black Labrador-Weimaraner mix, Kerry wanted to make her routine walks with her furry child enjoyable and convenient.

However, Lola, her dog, was a big girl with tons of energy and loves to go out on long, extensive walks, while Kerry was the type who remembered Lola’s water usually only when they were already halfway down the street.

“So, it’s generally very sunny and warm, and I couldn’t get very far on these walks without giving Lola some refreshment and cooling her down in some way. I saw the different solutions that started to pop around a couple of years ago, where you squeeze it and the water fills up a little bowl for them to drink. That was great, but it was inevitably hanging from my leash, sort of weighing down the wrist or hooked to my pants and knocking against my leg, or I just forgot it.”

This got Kerry mulling over the possibilities of having a squirt gun attached to one’s leash which she could use to spray Lola down during their walks. And with necessity being the mother of all inventions, the answer soon came to Kerry until they formed the company sometime in March of 2019.

Thus, Spleash was officially born.

How Spleash Works

the many ways to spleash

As stated on their website, there are many ways you can use Spleash.

For instance, you can use it while walking with your pups since it’s more comfortable for your hands and gives you a better grip on your leash. It also fits most standard-sized leather, rope, and nylon leashes. Apart from that, a quick spray on the grass helps you ward off unsightly burn marks.

In terms of providing protection, on the other hand, Spleash has a 14-foot protective spray radius of water that serves as a non-aggressive way to ensure your Fidos remain safe during your walks.

Meanwhile, Spleash also holds up to 12 oz of water, allowing you to refresh your pooches and keep them cool during walks.

According to Kerry, the goal is to help better take care of dogs everywhere by hydrating and protecting them while you’re out at once.

“Essentially, you take off this little key right hereit’s called a camand it’ll fit with a flat leash or a rope leash. You can see there’s a divot that gets smaller as you turn it around. And when you trap the leash in the channel, which can be a flat or a rope leash, it sticks… So, it really locks in tight, but I didn’t want to be responsible for this not working and losing somebody’s dogs. So, we worked a lot on this mechanism to make sure it would work with most standard size leashes,”

Kerry added.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get Your Leash in Spleash

spleash step by step guide

One thing that Kerry emphasized during the podcast is the fact that Spleash is not a retractable leash. On the contrary, there’s no leash included when you buy the product, as it’s meant to go on your favorite leash.

So if you’re wondering how to get your preferred leash in Spleash, here’s how:

  • Step #1: Fill your Spleash with fresh drinking water before each walk.
  • Step #2: Depress the colored buttons on both sides of the Spleash. Pull forward on the CAM wheel while you hold them down.
  • Step #3: Pull the CAM wheel out of the Spleash.
  • Step #4: Lay your leash in the CAM wheel. Position the CAM in the correct direction so you can insert it into the Spleash. Pinch the 2 silver pins on each side of the CAM and depress your leash into the Spleash.
  • Step #5: Press the CAM into the CAM wheel until you hear a “click”.
  • Step #6: Make sure the pet end of the leash always exits the top of the CAM. Tug on the leash to ensure it’s secure.



Learn more about Spleash!

Visit their website at https://www.spleash.com/.

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Kerry: Hi, I’m Kerry Cooke and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Really glad you came on today.

Why don’t you tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals?

Kerry: Well, as I said, my name is Kerry Cooke. I’m the founder/inventor of a product called Spleash. 

Spleash is a spray leash handle that attaches to your favorite leash. It holds 12oz of water and can spray up to 14ft—so, you can walk, protect and refresh your animal on the go.

Chris: So, I want to make this thing that’s going to attach to a leash and squirt water and also allow my dog to have a drink.

And it’s probably like, who are you?

Kerry: Okay, and I went in to— with a drawing, that was a little more cuter. I wanted it to have like a dog head on it and the water to come out the mouth.

That was the original idea. But I sketched out, so—working on all the ergonomics and the pieces and everything.

We really landed on this— what I’m told looks like a game—sort of a game controller type of design.

This one’s full right now, it’s fully loaded. So, I can show the squirt function and what you do with it. But, you know, essentially, you take off this little dude—right here and, it’s called a CAM and it will fit with a flat leash or a rope leash.

You can see there’s a divot that gets smaller as you turn it around. And when you trap the leash in the channel and it can be a flat or rope leash— when you trap it in the channel, it sticks.

And we actually have a video with pulling a truck with Spleash.

Chris: Really, it doesn’t come out easily. 

Kerry: No, it doesn’t come out—it really locks in tight. I didn’t want to be responsible for— this not working and losing somebody’s dog. So, we worked a lot on this mechanism to make sure it would work with most standard-sized leashes.

The fill holes right here, you fill it up— the whole handle holds 12oz of water. And then when you’re—thirsty and you need to give your pup a drink, you just squirt in some water, so they can have a quick sip. And off you go again.

You don’t have to unscrew anything, hold a separate bowl. It’s really easy to manipulate and use.

Chris: This is really intriguing because I’ve heard, I mean— we had a dog and of course, we had all the different contraptions to try and bring water on the walk, right.

And some of them, we had folded bowls, we had things that clip to our thing. I’ve never seen one that was built into the leash.

This is so brilliant.

And you said it can hold 12oz. It’s like a full can of water.

Kerry: Yes, yeah exactly.

That was part of the problem that I was trying to figure out how to make better for myself. I have a 91-pound Black Lab Weimaraner mixed named Lola. She’s a big girl and loves to go out on long, extensive walks, tons of energy.

And I would always be halfway down the street, where I forgot my water. And I live in Southern California, so it’s generally very sunny and warm and couldn’t get very far in these walks  without giving her some refreshment or cooling her down in some way.

And one day I was just thinking: What if there was like a squirt gun attached to my leash and I could spray her down while we were walking?

Next thing you know, we’re ideating on different ways to do it. And one thing led to another. And here we are with the Spleash and it’s all its glory.

So, we’re really excited to bring it to market and launch the product.

Chris: Kerry, this is super cool. I’m really excited. Your story is so fascinating and the fact that you just came up with this idea without that experience and background, and I’m excited to see what the next iterations are going to be.

Is there anything else you want to share before we wrap things up today?

Kerry: One point that I real— I feel like we’ve made, but I would like to hit it home is—Spleash is not a retractable leash.

There is no leash included. It’s meant to go on your favorite leash.

So, that’s something that often people look at it and think: Oh, I don’t like retractable. So, I’m like: Good, we don’t have that.

But that’s important, and then also, I think… I have 3 or 4 more new product ideas that are in the ideation stage.

And one is for dogs and two are for other products, one in art and one for fish. So, stay tuned. We have a lot of— a lot more to come.

Chris: I love it. You get your taste of the creative juices now and you’re like: I got more ideas, we could do this.

Kerry: Yeah, totally.

Chris: Tell people the website, how they can get a hold of you,  where they can buy one.

Kerry: Right now, we’re only available on WWW.SPLEASH.COM

We’re hoping to be able to turn on our Amazon store, shortly. So, you can check there periodically and see if we’ve gotten enough stock in to do that. It keeps going too fast.

So, that’s a good problem to have.

And Facebook, Instagram are: SPLEASH_YOUR_LEASH

Chris: Very cool.

Well, we’ll make sure that people go and check out Spleash. And as we wrap things up today, I’ll just remind our viewers and listeners,  if you’ve got an innovative idea like Kerry did, something that’s just been sticking in your head that you want to do, we’d love to have you on the show and talk about it, even if you haven’t made the idea yet.

So, just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and fill out the form and we’ll get you on the show.

So, Kerry— really excited you came on today, thank you. And I’m really excited to see what you come up with next.

Kerry: Thanks, Chris. Thank you so much for having us.

And I hope everybody’s Spleash is their leash.

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