Helping Humans and Animals Understand Each Other Better | Sipho Animal Communications

sipho animal communications help humans and animals understand each other better

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 123 - Sipho Animal Communications

Helping Humans and Animals Understand Each Other Better | Sipho Animal Communications

We hear that. Those skeptical eyebrows rising as soon as you read the Sipho “Animal Communications” part of the title.

But, dear readers, communicating with animals on a telepathic level is, indeed, real.

It’s not just woo-woo. And Stefanie Skupins is here to prove it.

According to Stefanie, who is the founder of Sipho Animal Communications,

I’m not your typical animal innovative because I’m not really innovating anything. I’m just doing something that many hadn’t really heard of before much… And so, basically, what I do is I communicate with animals.”

From a Veterinarian to Sipho Animal Communications

from a vet to sipho animal communications

While she admits that it still feels funny for her to say it, what Stefanie does with Sipho Animal Communications is a lot of telepathic communication.

What this means is that she helps people and animals connect on a clearer level.

“People reach out to me because there are behavior problems, or they know that something’s not right with their animals, and they can’t put their finger on it. Or, people just want to know what’s going on with their animal friends,”

she said.

Although she started her journey as a veterinarian, Stefanie’s career took a turn when she studied homeopathy as a specialty.

At the time, she was living and working in South Africa, where homeopathy was quite accepted. Eventually, this got her in with the alternative veterinary crowd.

“We had our own conference there, and one of the people who gave a lecture at that conference was a lady called Anna Breytenbach. She’s amazing…a really well-known animal communicator. Her presentation was quite straightforward… She gave us case studies of times when she had talked to two animals. And for me, this was just like, ‘Whoa.’”

Since Stefanie specialized in homeopathy, the idea of animal communication gave her extra perspective on how to handle behavior cases.

Now, she helps humans and animals understand each other better and work through problems.



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Stefanie: Hi, Chris. Thank you so much for having me. So, my name is Stefanie Skupin, and Chris has invited me to talk about my business, Sipho Animal Communications.

And you are listening to The Animal Innovations Show. And I’m so happy to be here.

Chris: So, I always ask, tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals. 

Stefanie: So, basically what I do is I communicate with animals and it still feels funny to say it for me because I’m still like halfway not believing it.

It’s like telepathic communication. So, I’m helping people and animals connect on a clearer level, I would say.

It’s not so much on a deeper level. We all connected deeply with our animals on a heart level. So, people reach out to me, there are behavior problems or they know that something’s not right for the animals and they can’t put their finger on it.

Or people just want to know what’s going on for their animal friends. And I get in contact with them and answer questions that the owner, the person of the animal, gives me.

Chris: So, now I do think this is innovative because you are using skills and you’re helping the animals and the humans, right?

That’s what I think is so fascinating about this. So, give us a little bit of your background. Because you are a medical professional by background.

Stefanie: I graduated as a veterinarian in 1999, and I lived and worked in South Africa since 2001, more or less.

As I was there, I started to study homeopathy as a specialty for veterinary practice. And so, that got me in with the “alternative” veterinary crowd.

We had our own conference there. And one of the people that gave a lecture at that conference was a lady called Anna Breytenbach. She’s amazing.

She’s a really well-known animal communicator. And that was the first time I came across this kind of thing. She basically described— she gave us case studies of times when she had talked to animals.

And for me, this was just like, Whoa. So, it made an impression on me. And having a scientific background, I still really didn’t believe it, but I did grab her after the talk and introduce myself and ask for a card.

So, now I am working in small animal practice, right. And so, you do get behavior cases. With the homeopathic remedies, you can also address the mental state of animals— and not just the physical body.

It just brought this little bit of extra perspective in this whole situation. 

Chris: So, this is something— for somebody that has a background as a veterinarian—I mean, I’m curious, when did this become more mainstream for you?

Stefanie: So, a couple of years later, I had the opportunity to do a one-day course on it, and so—I just took it.

What they would teach us, they would get everybody to bring pictures, photos of their animals. And during the course, we would read the other person’s animals.

And the amount, there were like ten people on this course, and the amount of verifiable information we got out of it without knowing anything about these animals, was incredible.

It is just like—And you go like, Whoa, okay. So, there’s got to be something here. And so, I started to talk to people and just let them know that I had done that course.

And then so friends would come and say, like, “Hey, can you talk to my animal?” And so, I just started working with veterinarians, helping them relieve a bit of the stress of their profession.

But—you know, I keep getting people coming back to me and going like, yeah, that’s my animal.

Chris: So, how does it work, Stefanie, when you have a new client or even a repeat client, maybe walk us through the process and kind of, how does it go?

Stefanie: So, I asked them what they want me to do, what their expectation is, mostly because I don’t want them to go walk away with the feeling that I can give a command, because this is not what that is.

It is a communication. I can relay something, and then I can take feedback, and then I can tell that to the person.

I can’t say like, you know, they need you to do that. That’s not how it works. And then, I asked the person to give me a picture with the animal’s eyes showing.

I get into— like, I sit down, close my eyes, center myself, and through my mind, I reach out to the animal.

It’s like a visualization, you know— like a space in nature. That is your communication space. And so, you kind of meet the animal there. So, that is my visualization of the consulting room.

And then I ask questions, and I get… feelings, even body sensations, thoughts, like, proper, like, you know, this is how it is. Sometimes it’s more impressions and then I have to— try to translate it and ask back: Is this what you mean? Is this what I’m hearing?

Sometimes it’s really clear. So, it’s a—does that make any sense at all?

Chris: So, Stefanie, what’s next for you? I mean, it sounds like this is really taking you on a journey. Where do you take this?

Stefanie: I would love to have the animal communication be, like, really accepted at some stage.

Chris: Stefanie, this is really interesting. I mean, is there anything else you want to mention before I wrap things up today?

Stefanie: Most people that I have come across, that have animals and then have a connection with them. They’re part of the family.

They are doing animal communication already. Necessarily, listen deeply because we don’t think it’s possible. They just don’t call it that, right.

Chris: So, Stefanie, if people want to learn more about you or get in contact with you, what’s the best way for them to do that?

Stefanie: I’m on Facebook under Sipho Animal Communications and there is an email there, so you’re welcome to reach out there or you can find my other business under LEADERSWORK.COM, that’s my website.

Chris: I am really glad you came on today, Stefanie and I really think it is fascinating what you’re doing and like you said that we all really do communicate with our animals. We just may not know it.

And as I wrap up the show today, I just kind of want to remind our viewers and listeners, listen to Stefanie’s background and how she kind of came into this.

She was a classically trained veterinarian and now she’s taking this and expanded this in new ways and that’s why I think it’s so innovative about what she’s doing.

And if you’ve got an idea for an innovative product, service, or something like what Stefanie is doing, we’d love to talk about it.

Just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and sign up to come on the show. And don’t forget to check out DOOBERT.COM where you can be a Dooberteer and be a volunteer to help foster and transport rescue animals.

So, Stefanie, thank you so much for coming on. I really appreciate it and enjoyed the conversation.

Stefanie: Me too, thanks so much for having me, Chris.

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