Helping Humans and Animals Understand Each Other Better | Sipho Animal Communications

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Animal Innovations Show - Episode 123 - Sipho Animal Communications

Helping Humans and Animals Understand Each Other Better | Sipho Animal Communications

We hear that. Those skeptical eyebrows rising as soon as you read the Sipho “Animal Communications” part of the title.
But, dear readers, communicating with animals on a telepathic level is, indeed, real.
It’s not just woo-woo. And Stefanie Skupins is here to prove it.
According to Stefanie, who is the founder of Sipho Animal Communications,

I’m not your typical animal innovative because I’m not really innovating anything. I’m just doing something that many hadn’t really heard of before much… And so, basically, what I do is I communicate with animals.”

From a Veterinarian to Sipho Animal Communications

from a vet to sipho animal communications While she admits that it still feels funny for her to say it, what Stefanie does with Sipho Animal Communications is a lot of telepathic communication.
What this means is that she helps people and animals connect on a clearer level.

“People reach out to me because there are behavior problems, or they know that something’s not right with their animals, and they can’t put their finger on it. Or, people just want to know what’s going on with their animal friends,”

she said.
Although she started her journey as a veterinarian, Stefanie’s career took a turn when she studied homeopathy as a specialty.
At the time, she was living and working in South Africa, where homeopathy was quite accepted. Eventually, this got her in with the alternative veterinary crowd.

“We had our own conference there, and one of the people who gave a lecture at that conference was a lady called Anna Breytenbach. She’s amazing…a really well-known animal communicator. Her presentation was quite straightforward… She gave us case studies of times when she had talked to two animals. And for me, this was just like, ‘Whoa.’”

Since Stefanie specialized in homeopathy, the idea of animal communication gave her extra perspective on how to handle behavior cases.
Now, she helps humans and animals understand each other better and work through problems.

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