Simple And Fun App That Makes It Easy To Adopt Pets │ AdoptMeApp

Simple And Fun App That Makes It Easy To Adopt Pets │ AdoptMeApp


Simple And Fun App That Makes It Easy To Adopt Pets │ AdoptMeApp

Have you recently decided to adopt pets but don’t know where to start your search for the perfect furry companion? The AdoptMeApp would serve as a good starting point!

It is a free app used and approved by volunteers, fosters, and staff of rescues and shelters. They use it mainly to share pictures, videos, and stories of adoptable pets to tug at the heartstrings of pet parents in the area.

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What Is The AdoptMeApp?

Simple And Fun App That Makes It Easy To Adopt Pets │ AdoptMeApp

Cynthia Typaldos, the co-founder and CEO of AdoptMeApp, is a tech innovator genuinely passionate about animal welfare. She, and her team, had successfully founded and launched the app together.

“We provide this app free to animal shelters so that their volunteers, fosters, and staff can easily upload caption photos and videos right into the pet profile.”

Having launched about seven years ago, the technology remains robust and undeterred. Cynthia proudly claims that their system has never failed them, and no data has been lost since their initial launch.

There were, of course, hiccups, but they were able to recover fully every time. It is mainly thanks to the sophisticated and well-designed software that their engineers had developed.

Since the beginning, they partnered with two major technology service providers in the animal database space, ShelterBuddy and PetHarbor, which helped strengthen their systems.

Cynthia initially thought of starting the app when she noticed that the local shelters had not been posting pictures of their adoptable animals. She felt that the lack of publicity for these animals should be addressed, so she raised her concerns to the city management.

 “I’m gonna raise this issue by proposing solutions to what I felt like a problem, which is the animals not getting publicity online.”

The app came through successfully, and they were able to launch fully.


Adopt Your New Furry Friend Using The AdoptMeApp

Simple And Fun App That Makes It Easy To Adopt Pets │ AdoptMeApp

Cynthia said that people often post pictures on Facebook and Instagram, but these were not the places potential pet adopters would go when looking to adopt pets. Instead, they would search for shelter websites and go from there.

Unfortunately, not all shelters have official websites, and those that do are typically outdated. AdoptMeApp was created to make it easier for pet owners to find new pets they can adopt and take home. It is also there to help shelters and rescues give their animals proper online publicity!

“We know we’re helping pets get adopted.”

Over the seven years since its launch, the app had about 175,000 posts! Also, their content is being seen about 22,000 times a day! These numbers prove that the animals in these shelters are being given more opportunities to be seen and heard!

For a shelter to use the app, they must first establish a partnership with them. Currently, AdoptMeApp has 35 partner shelters.


Want to know more about the app? Check out their official website and read everything there is about it!

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Cynthia: My name is Cynthia Typaldos and welcome to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Awesome. So, Cynthia, thank you so much for joining us. So, kick us off. Tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Cynthia: Oh, I’d love to do that.

And actually, I want to be clear that it’s not just me. I’m part of a team. And we all founded AdoptMeApp together.

And what we’ve done, and we’ve been running now for seven years, is we provide a free app. We provide this app free to animal shelters so that their volunteers, fosters, and staff can very easily upload caption photos and videos right into the pet profiles.

Chris: Yeah, I mean, seven years is a long time to have a technology that’s still going strong.

Cynthia: Yeah, and I will have to say, these are engineers that I’ve worked with in the past. We all came together to work on this because we all love animals and our system has never failed.

Our server-hosted place the—you know, once in a while, their technology has failed, but we were able to fully recover with no data loss.

It’s really incredible.

And I think that’s one of the reasons we’ve been successful.

Chris: You came up with the idea of this, what was going on? What made you say, “Hey, I need to develop something that can solve this.”

Cynthia: Well, I didn’t really know anything about animal shelters.

I mean, I was in tech like you. I mean, I loved animals—you know, pets.

I had noticed that at my local shelter that they weren’t posting photos of the pets. And then, unfortunately, these pets would disappear right away with no photo, no nothing.

And I was very concerned about that and—So, I felt like I wanted to raise this issue to the city management.

And then coincidentally, the city CIO put together an app challenge, right. And I thought: Oh, which is the animals weren’t getting any publicity online.

And in the end, though, we—we actually—we were the only team that actually developed anything.

Chris: As you know, it’s really hard to get good photos and videos, and yet everybody’s walking around with a video camera/camera in their pocket with a smartphone these days.

So, you basically took the two and said, I’m going to make it really easy for them to get these photos up there.

Cynthia: It kind of gets back to the whole crowdfunding thing, which is—you know, where you have all these people out there.

It’s very obvious.

Now, remember, this was 7,8 years ago that— you have all these people that have all these photos and videos and why aren’t they out there?

People can post them on their own Facebook account or Instagram, but that’s not really where most people are going to look when they’re thinking about adopting the shelter pet.

They go to the shelter website.

Chris: Yeah, why don’t you tell people, I mean, walk them through. For somebody that’s never seen this before, how does it work?

I mean, is it volunteers, is it staff? Is it both that are helping using your app to get pictures?

Cynthia: You know, It’s really both, and a lot of it depends on the shelter. It’s like every shelter is different. You would think there were—some are more similar than others, but in some shelters, the staff is a very heavy user of it because they prefer to use AdoptMeApp, especially with videos.

It’s just so much easier.

In other shelters, you know it’s pretty much all volunteers and fosters. And in most shelters though, it’s a mix. It’s really a mix, actually, on the technology partner’s website—it varies though.

I mean, some of these shelters actually, believe it or not, they built their own front-end system.

Actually, there’s quite a few of those that have done that, and some of them are quite sophisticated and nice.

I mean, I just give you a couple of examples. San Diego Humane Society, Ventura County Animal Services.

They built their own—despite for potential adopters, you know, where you find the adoptables, they built it themselves.

Chris: Very cool.

So now, how has it grown in the last seven years? So, you started out with a couple of them, like you said, really worked hard, but I’m guessing it’s grown and you probably support many more organizations now.

Cynthia: Well, right now we have about 35 partner shelters.

But it was hard at the beginning, because—it seems kind of—you know, when you look back and you think, “Well, why was that an issue?”

But at the beginning, there was a lot of shelters, that were very hesitant because they said, well, you know, what will they post?

I mean, we see, we let our volunteers post things. Their consumers always say bad stuff about the shelters.

I still see something new every day, some new clever way of—you know, showing off a kitty’s personality.

Chris: I mean, that’s got to feel pretty good. 175,000 posts in seven years.

Cynthia: We actually have right now, the content is seen 22,000 times a day. And we know that we’re helping pets get adopted.

Well, first of all, there’s been studies that show that videos and photos are incredibly compelling in getting people to come into the shelter.

So, maybe they end up adopting a different pet, but it doesn’t matter. They came to the shelter and that’s all we are.

We’re creating—giving the opportunity for the people that know the pets the best, which is typically the volunteers and the fosters they don’t have to worry about.

Does this one tell everything about this pet, right? And you see all these different videos and photos, and you see one of that, it always really— it brings out something special about that cat.

Chris: So Cynthia, why don’t you tell people again the website, if they’re interested, if they want to see if their local shelter is using it, where can they go?

Cynthia: So, if you go to our website, you’ll just see what is AdoptMeApp and you’ll see the live stream, but in order to use the app, your shelter has to partner with us.

Chris: Well, Cynthia, thank you so much for coming on. Thank you for sharing what you guys are doing.

And as I wrap up our show, I just love to remind our viewers and listeners that it starts with an idea. And Cynthia had an idea with her team for something that would bring value and help get animals adopted.

So, maybe you’re watching or listening and you’ve got an idea for something that helps animals or the people that love them, we’d love to know about it.

Just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and we’d love to have you on the show.

And please, if you can, we’d love to have more Dooberteers. You can join us at DOOBERT.COM where you can join the tens of thousands of volunteer transporters and fosters even people that are buying pet food. It pays it forward to the animal rescue or shelter of your choice.

So, check it out at DOOBERT.COM and thanks for joining us.

Thank you so much, Cynthia, for coming on. I really enjoyed the conversation and I’m really excited for what you guys are doing.

Cynthia: Well, thank you for having AdoptMeApp on the show. We appreciate it.

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