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You know it and we know it.  There’s nothing that relieves stress more than playing with kittens.  Yes it’s true that you could be inspired by a long walk on the beach or achieve zen relaxation through regular meditation, but only kittens can bring that sense of wonder and that reminder that life is fun!

There are more kittens than fosters.  And the outcome is not good.

The sad truth is that there are more kittens in the U.S. than there are foster or forever homes to take them.  The professionals in animal rescue are working around the clock to stem the tide of unwanted animals through targeted spay and neuter and balancing supply and demand through animal rescue transporting.

Your local animal shelter almost always has a fresh supply of kittens that need good homes for short periods of time, while they grow and mature to an age where they can be adopted out to loving, forever homes.

Be inspired to save lives & have fun doing it

playful kittenWe know that you’ve been searching for your purpose and looking for a way to help animals.  What better way to help save more animals than by fostering some kittens for a couple weeks of playtime.  You can pull out all of your favorite toys like milk tabs, Q-tips, string, and the all important shoe laces!  These seemingly insignificant items will take on new meaning when brought out in the presence of kittens.  It will be as though you have superpowers and have delivered the single most important thing in their lives to date.

Watch as they romp and play, jump and tackle one another trying to explore the world around them.  They don’t care about the stress from your “day” job, or the fact that your mother in-law just doesn’t understand you.  They are not concerned whether you are republican or democrat, vegan or meat-eater, gemini or leo.  All they are concerned with is what is fun, new and exciting in their world.

There are lots of animal foster resources to support you

foster resourcesJust in case you are concerned and thinking to yourself, “But I know NOTHING about kittens, so how can I be entrusted to keep them safe?”  Fear not young jedi for you have many resources from your allied friends to support you.

Whether your local animal shelter uses the Maddie’s Pet Assistant app to help track foster kitten progress, or if you prefer self-taught learning through great animal foster home programs and resources from organizations like Best Friends Animal Society, who even provides a kitten foster manual (yes, that’s a thing!), there are resources to support you.

Heck, there’s even a Kitten Lady named Hannah Shaw that is a celebrity of sorts on Instagram.  You can check out all of her videos and posts about everything you ever wanted to know about kittens.

Not convinced?  How about a money back guarantee?

fosterIf you’re still not convinced that kitten fostering is for you, try it free for 30 days with our money back guarantee.  You won’t pay anything unless you’re completely satisfied!  Well ok you do have to feed them and there’s that cubic foot of cat litter that you might need if the local animal shelter doesn’t provide it, but you pay $5/day for your Starbucks and likely $10 or more for a movie ticket (not including popcorn).  So maybe it’s not completely free but we’re quite sure that the joy of knowing you are helping save lives will far outweigh the out of pocket costs for a couple of 8 oz kittens.

Sign up today to be a foster.  Join us.  Be a Hero!

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