Setting The Standard: A Quick And Innovative Way To Detect Periodontal Disease │ PDX Biotech

Setting The Standard: A Quick And Innovative Way To Detect Periodontal Disease │ PDX Biotech


Setting The Standard: A Quick And Innovative Way To Detect Periodontal Disease │ PDX Biotech

OraStripdx is a simple yet innovative diagnostic strip that can detect periodontal disease even before it shows any visible or notable signs. A test like no other — this diagnostic test certainly sets the standard for veterinary dental care!

Proven, effective, and successful: it will make you wonder how this revolutionary and state-of-the-art technology came to be. Fortunately, Dr. Wendy Hauser, Veterinary Consultant to PDX Biotech, didn’t hold back!

Read on to learn more about the background and concept of the strip test!


The Horrors Of Periodontal Disease

Setting The Standard: A Quick And Innovative Way To Detect Periodontal Disease │ PDX Biotech

Periodontal disease is the kind of disease that prefers to show visible signs when it reaches its advanced stages. Mostly when the dog is under anesthesia and about to undergo cleaning.

According to Dr. Hauser,

“Periodontal disease begins long before it’s visible.”

Periodontal disease is a relatively common illness in the field of veterinary medicine. It usually can lead to bone loss, gum infections, and, if left untreated, loss of teeth and other severe health-related problems.

The disease usually begins when a black biofilm attaches itself to the surface of the gums and teeth. As the process continues, the biofilm will eventually invade the tiny crevices between the teeth and gums called the gingival sulcus. This environment tends to favor the growth of anaerobic bacteria that powers their metabolism by producing a chemical called thiol.

What OraStripdx does is detect the levels of thiols in the mouth. Upon detection, the test will display results indicating the detection of periodontal disease.

OraStripdx is one of the only effective ways to detect periodontal disease early without sedation or anesthesia.

 “It’s also nice that dogs and cats tolerate this product well.”


Early Detection For Better Treatment Options Using OraStripdx 

Setting The Standard: A Quick And Innovative Way To Detect Periodontal Disease │ PDX Biotech

OraStripdx can detect periodontal disease in about 10 seconds, offering visual evidence and results. It is also easy to use and is relatively pain-free for the pet!

Swipe it on the upper-outer gums of the pet where the teeth and gums meet. Avoid rubbing it too hard or applying pressure. The results are instantaneous! If the test pad changes colors, from white to yellow, the test detects thiol. The stronger or more profound the color is, the more severe the infection is.

“One of a kind rapid screening test that detects early periodontal disease in both dogs and cats before its clinically evident.”

The company’s founders, Dr. David McClure and Dr. Tony Burgress-Cassler, came up with the concept about ten years ago, but it didn’t push through due to market adoption failure.

In 2021, they tried again. This time, with a newly assembled team and a reliable board of clinical advisors, they were able to create a better and more effective diagnostic test!

The product first launched internationally, in Europe and sold about 250,000 last year. It only launched in the US in January and breached the veterinary channel as a B2B product. Currently, the product has yet to be commercially available to individual owners.

“We want to educate the veterinary teams first. So, when someone calls, there is already a partnership that was built.”


For veterinarians out there interested in the test strip, you can find it on their official website!

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Dr. Hauser: Hi. I’m Dr. Wendy Hauser, and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Start us off, tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Dr. Hauser: So, I am a veterinarian, as you can tell from that introduction, and I play in a lot of different sandboxes.

My background is clinical. I spent 25 years in examination rooms as a hospital owner, as an associate, and after I sold my hospital as a managing DVM.

And today, I’m here to talk about an amazing product that I represent on behalf of one of my clients. So, my client is PDX Biotech, and the product is called OraStripdx.

And the reason that this is innovative is it’s a one-of-a-kind rapid screening test that detects early periodontal disease in both dogs and cats. So, it’s really an innovative product.

Chris: Yeah, I love that because I know how my cats are. They don’t like going to the vet, number one, and they don’t like number two— and the vet’s pulling on their gums and trying to look at their teeth, and it just doesn’t work out so well.

Dr. Hauser: It does not.

So, it can be challenging.

And you know, cats can be even a little bit more challenging than dogs. So, it is nice that cats and dogs both tolerate this product really well.

The way that it works is we need to take a little bit of a step back, Chris.

And I don’t want to get too technical for your audience, but I do think you need to understand a little bit about periodontal disease.

And so, periodontal disease begins when a plaque biofilm attaches to the surface of the teeth and gums. And then as that process continues, the biofilm invades this little tiny crevice that’s between the tooth and the gum. It’s called the gingival sulcus, and it is tiny.

So, the test is easy to use. It’s just rubbed on the upper outer gums where the teeth and the gum meet. And it’s not even really rubbed. It’s just swiped across.

Just no pressure. Just swiped.

Chris: So, I’m curious.

I mean, this sounds like it’s targeted more at the veterinarians than at me as a pet parent.

Dr. Hauser: The product is distributed in Europe. So, the launch of the product of OraStripdx in the US Market just happened in January, and we decided to launch in the veterinary channel.

Veterinarians are going to need to be educated when a pet owner calls them and says, “Hey, I have this test and I just got yellow on it,” they’re going to go, “What are you talking about?”

So, we wanted to educate the veterinary teams first, so that, when someone calls, there was already a partnership that was built.

Chris: So, what’s next?

Are there other tests that you guys have in the works, or is this literally like, double-down and as you talked about, go spread out through the veterinary channels and then the direct-to-consumer?

Dr. Hauser: Yeah, right now our focus is on this test.

I do know that our founders are very inventive and they’re looking at some other tests, but they’re not really ready to show those details yet.

There’s also a possibility that this will expand into a human test.

Chris: Wow, it sounds like you guys got a lot of stuff on your plate then.

Dr. Hauser: We do, we do and we were also a pitch finalist at VMX, which is a huge veterinary conference. There were 28,000 attendees this year. It was a record.

Chris: If people want to go read up on this, follow you guys, I’m guessing eventually you’ll probably have something on your website that talks about where they can get it.

So, tell them the website, how they can go learn more.

Dr. Hauser: Yeah, so it’s WWW.ORASTRIPDX.COM, very simple, and you’ll be able to go on there. We are actively rebuilding that website, so, you will see some changes in the next few months, and we’ll be adding some content from a YouTube channel.

Chris: Well, Dr. Wendy, thank you for coming on. Thank you for sharing this. Is there anything else you want to mention before I wrap things up?

Dr. Hauser: Just Chris, thank you for inviting us.

I love talking about teeth. I love teeth, and I love the impact that a healthy mouth can have on the quality of life for dogs and cats.

So, anytime I get to talk about teeth, it makes me really happy. So, thank you.

Chris: Absolutely, and as I wrap things up, I always love to remind our viewers and listeners that innovation starts from within, right.

So, maybe you’re listening, watching, and you’ve got an innovative idea for a product or service or just anything that’s helping animals or the people that love them. We’d love to know about it.

Just open your browser and go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and we would be glad to have you on the show and talk about it.

And please, we can always use more volunteers at DOOBERT.COM. You can be a foster or transporter. You can even buy your pet food through Doobert, and we’ll donate 5% to the animal rescue or shelter of your choice.

So, check it out at DOOBERT.COM.

Dr. Wendy, thank you for coming on. Thank you for what you’re doing and excited to see where this is going to go.

Dr. Hauser: Thank you, Chris again, it was a pleasure.

I’ve enjoyed spending some time with you today.

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