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Because TOGETHER we can save more animals.

Saving animals with is simple. All you need is an e-mail address, or if you prefer, you can use your Facebook login. Once you have created your account, there are a number of different things you can do:

1. General User Account – With the default account, you can sign up to be a ground transporter and indicate the days you’re available and distance you’re willing to drive. You choose which transports to participate in and which organizations to work with. You can start using your account right away and volunteer to save animals.

2. Apply for Organization Status – If you manage an animal welfare or transport organization you must apply for organization status. After you setup your personal login, click on ORGANIZATION on the left menu and REQUEST NEW ORGANIZATION to get started.  Organization status is required to create animal profiles and schedule animal transports. All applications are reviewed to determine the applicants’ eligibility as a qualified animal welfare or transport organization. Not to worry, we process applications quickly. In some cases, however, we may need additional information to determine your eligibility. We’ll let you know what we need, and work with you to obtain approval.

Using is simple

  • Click on Sign-Up in the upper right corner of our home page

    saving animals is easy with

  • Create your user id and password. Or if you prefer, sign-in using Facebook.

    sign up to start saving animals with

  • Be sure to click on Create a Driver profile so you can specify what days you’re willing to drive and your zip code location.

    Create a Driver profile sign up

  • Once you have successfully created and updated your profile, then you can
  • Now sit back and relax. When a new transport is created, if it matches your availability days and if it passes through your distance/zip combination, we’ll automatically send you an e-mail and you can join that transport.
  • Interested in being an organization on Doobert?
    If you run your own rescue or shelter and you want to be able to add animals and create transports, you’ll need to apply for a organization profile. It’s simple. Just click on Add New Organization on the left side of the screen when you’re signed-in. Then fill out the information and we’ll get back to you.