Shower Head Hose Easily Rinses Your Pet | Rinseroo

Rinseroo shower head attachment easily cleans and rinses your pets

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 99 - Rinseroo

Shower Head Hose Easily Rinses Your Pet | Rinseroo

Bathe your dog whenever you please with the best shower head hose from Rinseroo!

This pet and shower cleaner helps you say goodbye to the messy and backbreaking chore of rinsing your pet.

According to Lisa and Jake Lane, respectively the inventor and eCommerce manager of Rinseroo,

It is reinventing the way we bathe pets. It’s a slip-on shower attachment hose that makes pet bathing super fast and easy.”


Rinseroo Reinvents the Way You Rinse Your Pets

A super-stretch, slip-on connector, Rinseroo is a patented shower attachment that fits most spigots and faucets and has an easy slip-on, slip-off design. It’s lightweight, compact, and portable, with a mid-hose connector that allows quick conversion for sink use.

When asked how she came up with the idea, Lisa shared,

“I was in my shower bathing my dog. I was filling a cup over and over to get the job done, but it was messy and time-consuming. I thought, ‘There has got to be a better way!’ And right there in the shower, I had an aha! moment, and that is when the Rinseroo was born.”

Rinsing Reinvented with Rinseroo

Having brought the product from concept to fruition, Lisa now has a bestseller that has made it into Amazon’s “Most-Wished-For” and “#1 New Release” lists.

In fact, it is making headlines so much that the Rinseroo team is bringing in approximately $2 million in sales just in their second year in business alone.

“It’s a simple concept, but you know, it just slips over the shower head. You could take your dog anywhere with it, and you can put it on an outdoor shower. You can put it on a sink faucet. So, it’s really handy.”


Rinseroo from the Ground Up

about rinseroo

Lisa attributes part of Rinseroo’s success to her experience as a pharmaceutical sales rep working for multiple different companies back in the day.

She believes that this background taught her about what buyers want and need and how to successfully pitch the product while talking about the benefits it can bring dog owners.

She was also grateful for Tamara Monosoff’s book entitled “The Mom Inventors’ Handbook: How to Turn Your Great Idea Into the Next Big Thing”.

“I figured out how to figure what my margins might be and how to source it and how to find an engineer. And literally, that book changed my life. It really did. And because of that, we have a viable, profitable business, and we’re helping so many dog owners out there.”

how to use rinseroo

Lisa also thanks their customers for being part of their success and continued journey. As a matter of fact, their customers’ feedback and ideas are a huge part of what their team is doing to scale and come up with new line extensions.

We want not just to be known as the Rinseroo. We want a whole brand that’s going to be…related to rinsing and cleaning dogs and whatnot. Everyone loves their dogs, and they’re spending all kinds of time and energy and thinking of new things to do with them. And we’re happy to have Rinseroo make bath time easier.”



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Lisa: Hi, I’m Lisa Lane.

Jake: I’m Jake, and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: I’m so glad you guys are both here. So, Lisa and Jake, thank you for coming on. Why don’t you tell us who you are and how you guys are innovating and helping animals?

Lisa: Okay, well, I’ll start. I know you have a lot of pet owners out there, and what happened is, we had— I had an AHA moment in my shower.

I was actually at the beach with my extended family. We have a beach house together. And when we’re all there, there’s 16 of us, plus four dogs in the house.

You know, when you’re at the beach, there’s sand, there’s a dog park, blah, blah, blah. We were literally cleaning showers and rinsing off dogs, like on a continual basis. And we don’t have a house cleaner down there.

So, I found myself doing it every day, and I was filling a cup over and over to clean the dogs and clean my shower. And I had literally an AHA moment in the shower, and I thought, there’s got to be a better way.

Like, what am I doing wrong? This is so time-consuming and so wet. We came up with this idea. It’s a Rinseroo, and it’s a patented slip-on shower attachment hose that you can attach to your shower head, and you can quickly and easily bathe dogs or showers or babies or whatever in the shower.

It’s truly a problem-solving product. And sales are taking off. And Jake is our e-commerce manager. He’s my son, and he actually helped me think about how to make this happen.

Jake: Yeah, she was just kind of throwing the idea around, and then I forget. I mean, it was a while ago at this point, but I suggested— we have one here.

I suggested, getting something that can stretch up over the showerhead. And at first, we were online buying toys and all kinds of stretchy materials that we could find, playing with them, seeing what stretched over.

And then, eventually, we came to have the Rinseroo that we have today.

Lisa: So, it’s a simple concept, but it just slips over the showerhead. You can take your dog anywhere with it.

And if you put it on an outdoor shower, you could put it on a sink faucet and bathe a little dog or utility sink. So, it’s really handy.

And yes, it’s a very basic concept. And thanks to Jake, we figured it out.

Chris: Yeah, I think one of the things I thought was the coolest thing about this, the closest analogy I could think of was like a water balloon, right.

I remember making water balloons as a kid where you’re like stretching the thing over the faucet. It didn’t always work so well.

I was so impressed when I was looking at your site and the videos and the photos. This can go around a big shower head. We’re not talking just like a tiny little faucet it can go around a really big shower head.

Jake: So, it stretches up to 6 inches in diameter. You can probably get it to stretch further. But that’s all we recommend at the moment.

We’re trying to figure out how to adapt it for the big rain shower heads at the moment. But yeah, I mean, for now, it definitely covers, I would say, 95% of most showerheads that people have in their houses.

Chris: Yeah, I love the fact that it’s so easy on and easy off because I know when you’re bathing the dog, right.

If you get them in the shower first place depends on how big they are. And then, you know, you’re trying to like—you guys describe on there kick the bucket, right.

You’re so busy trying to put cups of water over them, it takes forever when you got like a big German Shepherd or something like that.

Jake: And you tend to just stay dryer when you use this, too. Like our dog, when we attach this to the showerhead, the water comes out nice and quiet. It brings it down low to the ground so, it’s not splashing and loud.

And our dog would just walk right in. If she sees it attached and the water is on, she just hops right in the shower, which is crazy because she used to never do that.

Lisa: A lot of dogs are just scared of that water, coming out of the spray head. If it’s the noise or whatever—yeah.

So, The Rinseroo, it just comes out of a spout and it’s sort of like a relaxing bath for them almost, right?

Jake: Yeah, and direct the water. It’s not hitting them in the face necessarily.

Chris: At least, I know you guys actually got a patent on this, didn’t you?

Lisa: Yeah, we actually have two patents, and the great story behind that, is our patent attorney. I know that can get expensive, but thankfully, one of my college best friends is my patent attorney.

And she used to live—we went to the University of Delaware together. She lived on my floor. We have been best friends ever since. And, she really motivated me to make this happen.

I was like, “Oh, I don’t know if I can get a patent.” It’s sort of a simple concept. She’s like, “No, I think I can do it.” And she took it as if it was her own. And she’s great at navigating the patent office.

And when you get a rejection, you say that she was able to do it and we’ve gotten two utility patents on it, and I have her to thank for it. She cheered me on from the get-go. So, thanks to her, it’s a reality.

Chris: So, Lisa, where are you guys going to take this? I mean, what’s the next step? It sounds like, this has only been a couple of years, right.

And it’s been booming and COVID has probably been helping. So, what’s next for this?

Lisa: So, we’re coming out with line extensions we have a tub version that will attach specifically to a tub spout and it’s also going to have a spray head.

We have one that will use— that you can use outside one that you can go camping with.

All based on feedback from dog owners.

Chris: I love the fact that people are giving you this feedback and saying, “Hey, this is great but to make it even better, if I could buy one of these things which are just ancillary sales on top of the original product.”

Chris: So, Lisa, where can people go learn more about this? Where can they buy one?

Lisa: We’re primarily online so we have our own website WWW.RINSEROO.COM 

We’re on Amazon as well, under Rinseroo. We have a store, we also sell on Chewy, we sell on Walmart, 

Jake: eBay, Etsy.

Chris: Very cool.

Well, I mean Lisa, Jake this has been really exciting to learn about this. I’m excited to see where you’re going to go and all the attachments and things you’re going to come out with and as we just wrap up the show I’ll remind our viewers and listeners just like Lisa said: If you got a great idea for a product, you’re in the shower and it comes to you and you say, This is really going to help people, help animals.

Then we’d love to have you on the show just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and come on and talk about it.

You could be the next Lisa and Jake combination. You never know, right? Yeah.

Lisa, Jake thank you so much for coming on. I really enjoyed the conversation and I’m excited to see what’s coming next for you.

Jake: Awesome, Chris. Thank you so much.

Lisa: Thank you so much.

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