Rescue Connection provided by Rescue Revolution and Doobert

Welcome to the Rescue Connection that Doobert and Rescue Revolution have built together.  We are proud to support you and glad you are interested in joining us to save more animals.  Check out the introduction videos below for both volunteers and organizations and be sure to get signed up so you can join the revolution and save more animals.  Both Miranda and Chris are excited about the partnership and humbled to support awesome rescuers and organizations focused on saving animals.  So let’s get started!

Message from Rescue Revolution Owner

“Rescue Revolution has partnered with to provide Rescue Connection, a free resource that matches animal rescue organizations to people who are willing to volunteer. Now, you can help save animals' lives in a variety of ways including: fostering animals, transporting animals, volunteering in person, photographing animals, and providing virtual support. By working together, we can save more lives!”


Miranda Founder of Rescue Revolution