Welcome RescueGroups.org Members

We are pleased to partner with RescueGroups.org to help you learn more about the features and functions that Doobert brings to the Animal Rescue community.  Check out the features below and  be sure to apply to get your organization signed up.  It’s FREE and we welcome you as a part of the community.

Doobert.com Features

Rescue Relay Transport Automated

Doobert is the ONLY system that combines both ground and aviation volunteers together in an animal rescue relay transport.  All you need to do is enter the from and to and the system automatically plots the route on Google Maps, and automatically notifies the volunteers along the route based on THEIR schedule and distance.  Then Doobert manages the sign-up so you can see at a glance who signed up for which leg.  When you CONFIRM the transport the system automatically sends out the run sheet with all of the information.  We’ve made it so simple that any organization can run transports.

Online fundraising simplified

Doobert has a powerful online fundraising module as well that makes it easy to raise money for specific animals, or for your organization as a whole.  Because we know every situation is different, we also allow you to do two types of fundraisers: 1) Pledge Only – where you do not collect the funds until the fundraiser is confirmed.  This is great when you’re raising funds for an animal but are not sure you can secure them until the funds are raised.  2) Collect Funds – where the money gets collected via PayPal immediately.  Both are integrated to PayPal and the proceeds automatically go there.

Find new fosters, photographers & more

When WE get a new volunteer, YOU get a new volunteer.  If you’re looking for foster homes, or professional photographers or even people to help you with your next event, you’ve come to the right place.  All of the Doobert volunteers are searchable by the Doobert Organizations and you can plot them on a map or list them in a grid.  We make it easy for you to find the right person and then quickly connect with them.  This is in addition to the automation already built into the Doobert system where we automatically contact the transport volunteers for your upcoming transports.  Doobert helps you find the volunteers you need to support your operations.