Animal Shelter Volunteer, Animal Rescue Volunteer

The greater number of volunteers there are, the better it is for animal rescues and animal shelters to help the animals and provide them with proper care. Whether helping animal rescue via virtual platforms such as Doobert, or by actually working at local animal shelter or local dog shelter, you can offer your assistance in a number of ways. Read More

How can you find an animal shelter or rescue on Doobert?

Whether helping animal shelters and rescues virtually through, or becoming an animal shelter volunteer in person at their facility, the first step is reaching out to offer your assistance. You can do this in a number of different ways.

  • On each animal rescue or animal shelter has an organization profile page where you can learn more about them.  To search for a specific organization use the pull down menu at the top of home page labeled “all categories”.
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  • When you login to your Doobert account, you can also do an “Advanced Search” which allows you to search by city, state, zip, etc.
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