Help Transport Animals

Animal transport is hard. There’s no getting around that. But with we are striving to simplify the process to make it more efficient and to save more animals.

Having transporters (both ground and aviation) across the country is key to this mission and you can easily and quickly sign-up and help out in the process. It’s simpler than you think!

How can you help transport animals?

For example, let’s say you live in Chicago, IL and you put that in as your zip code and you put 100 miles as the distance you’re willing to drive. You’re only available on weekends so you selected Sat & Sun as the days you’re available to assist. If there’s a transport planned for a Friday that comes through Chicago, we WON’T notify you. If there’s a transport planned for a Saturday or Sunday but it’s outside of your 100 mile radius, again we WON’T notify you. We ONLY NOTIFY you when the transport is scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday and when it passes through 100 miles of your zip code.

Getting too many transport requests? – simply uncheck some of the days you marked as available or decrease the distance you’re willing to drive.

  1. Update your Driver or Pilot profile on Be sure to indicate the days of the week that you’re available, your primary zip code or home airport for pilots, and the distance you’re willing to drive/fly.
  2. Now sit back and relax and leave the rest to us. will notify you via e-mail when there is a new transport that matches your criteria.

Not getting enough transport requests? – try increasing the distance you’re willing to drive and adding some extra days that you could be available.

  1. Once you receive an e-mail for a transport that meets your criteria, you simply login to and you can select the leg(s) that you’re willing to drive or fly.
  2. Finally, when the transport is covered the transport coordinator will confirm the transport which will notify you that it’s a go, and provide you the information of the person you’re meeting to pick up and drop off the animals to. is with you every step of the way. Our mobile apps (coming soon) will even allow you to track the progress of the transport in real-time so you know that everything is on track.

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