Why do we need to rescue animals together?

Take close look at some of the statistics below. You’ve already seen many of them, but they are a stark reminder of just how little we are able to accomplish on our own.

TOGETHER we can save the lives of all those little paws at local animal shelters in our own small way. Find out below how we can help rescue more animals together. Read More

How can you help?


  • Photograph shelter animals to post on Doobert…
  • MoreSocialize and walk shelter animals at your local shelter…


  • Raise funds for animals in need on Doobert…
  • MoreSponsor a transport to help offset costs…


  • Sign-up on Doobert to participate in a ground transport…
  • MoreCoordinate transports for rescues & shelters on Doobert…


  • Act as a temporary home for an animal waiting for transport…
  • MoreProvide a foster home for a pet for military personnel…


3,500+ Animal Shelters & Humane Societies

12,000,000 Animals enter shelters each year

  • 9,000,000 are Euthanized
  • 70% are Cats
  • 60% are Dogs
  • 25%+ are Purebred

53% of Dogs in the U.S. are mixed breed

An animal is Euthanized every 3.5 seconds in the U.S…


20,000+ Rescues

  • Formed by animal lovers and volunteers to save animals.
  • Before Doobert, rescues did not have tools to raise funds and promote their animals.
  • Support their efforts through volunteering and sponsoring.

Only 15% of Dogs and 2% of Cats entering a shelter are reunited with their owner…


250,000+ Volunteer Drivers

  • Drivers volunteer their time and gas to transport animals to safety, often over hundreds of miles.
  • Before Doobert, there were no tools to support them.
  • You can volunteer to drive 100 miles or 1,000.


Animals in Foster Homes

  • Foster homes are needed on a temporary and mid-term basis.
  • There are never enough foster homes.
  • You can help by opening your home to an animal in need.