How to Join or Create A Coalition on Doobert


Did you know that you can join coalitions on Doobert? Even have one created for you!


Coalitions are simply groups of organizations coming together for one common goal.


So for instance, if your organization is a part of a German Shepherd rescue network running across the United States, all of you could form a German Shepherd coalition.


Or maybe your organization has multiple shelter locations. It would be so much easier for you to manage them if you’re all under one coalition.


On Doobert, you have the option to join existing coalitions or have one created for you.


That way, instead of operating separately, you can collaborate with other organizations right in one place!


Here’s how you can get started:


Step 1: Sign Up on Doobert.

You can sign your organization up here.Request to Join A Coalition on Doobert - sign up

Step 2: Go to your Organization DashboardRequest to Join A Coalition on Doobert - go to org dashboard

Step 3: Click on the More tabRequest to Join A Coalition on Doobert - click more

Step 4: Click CoalitionsRequest to Join A Coalition on Doobert - click coalitions

Step 5: Click the toggle switch for Request to Join CoalitionRequest to Join A Coalition on Doobert - click request to join coalition

Step 6: Select the coalition you wish to join

Click the drop-down arrow to choose from the list of coalitions.Request to Join A Coalition on Doobert - select coalition

If you want to join more than one coalition, click on Add More.Request to Join A Coalition on Doobert - click add more

Step 7: Click UpdateRequest to Join A Coalition on Doobert - click update

If your request hasn’t been approved yet, you’ll see a Waiting for approval note under the name of the coalition.

This will change to Approved once the coalition admins accept your request.

And that’s it. You’re officially part of a coalition! Of course, you can join more anytime or request to have one created for you.


Check out this quick video of Chris Roy, founder of Doobert as he shares what a coalition is and how you can get your organization apart of one today!



Have an existing coalition? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll set it up for you on Doobert!


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