Post Your Transports and Animals on Facebook in One Click!


Partner organizations, volunteers, adopters, fosters…whatever you’re looking for; the first step to forming a connection with them is to put yourself on their radar.


The best way to do that? Of course, through social media channels, most especially Facebook. Who doesn’t have a Facebook account nowadays, right?


But we’re curious; how are you going about it? Do you manually create a post for every transport or animal that’s up for adoption or foster?


Doobert can help make the process easier and quicker for you!


Simply connect your Facebook account and you’ll be able to post your transports and adorable animals from Doobert straight to Facebook in one single click!


You’ll find everything you need to know down below.


How to Connect Your Facebook to Doobert


The first thing you need to do to post your transport requests, adoptable animals, and foster requests directly to your Facebook account from Doobert is to connect a Facebook page or group.


In case you’re wondering, of course, you can certainly add multiple accounts! Here’s how you do it:


Step 1: Go to your Org Account Settings

On your Organization Dashboard, click the drop-down arrow to the right of your profile photo and click Org Account Settings.

Step 2: Click Edit Organization Profile

Step 3: Go to the Social Media tab

Step 4: Click Add A New Connection

Step 5: Select the type of account you want to connect

You have the option to connect a Facebook page or a Facebook group, if you’re an admin,  then click Continue.

Step 6: Follow the steps provided and click Continue

After clicking Continue, you’ll see step-by-step instructions on how to link your Facebook accounts to Doobert. Once you’ve gone through all the steps, go ahead and click Continue at the bottom of the page. 

Step 7: Select the Facebook account you want to connect

Check the boxes to the right of the Facebook pages or groups that you want to connect to Doobert. After that, click Next.

Then allow permissions and click Done.

A dialog box will appear to let you know that you’ve successfully linked your account to Doobert. Finalize the process by clicking OK.

Your chosen Facebook page or group will automatically appear in your list of connected social media accounts on Doobert.


How to Choose A Facebook Post Template


Another thing that comes with Doobert’s Facebook-sharing feature is the ability to choose how you want your transport and foster requests to appear on Facebook pages or groups.


Instead of having to worry about how to design every new post, you can easily pick a template and publish a professional-looking image, complete with your organization name and logo, in one single click!


Step 1: Go to the Animals tab

Step 2: Click Add/Manage

Step 3: Select Social Media Postings

Under Manage Animal, click Social Media Postings.

Step 4: Select a social media post template

In the Social Media tab, click on Foster Share Templates.

Post Your Transports and Animals on Facebook in One Click!

Once you find one that you like, simply click the check underneath it.

For transports, just click Facebook Share Templates then select the template that you want.

Your foster and transport requests will be posted using the templates you selected, but you can always go back and pick a different one anytime you want.


How to Post Your Transports/Animals on Facebook


Now that you’ve connected your Facebook account and selected a template, you can now use Doobert to post your transports and animals on Facebook. Follow the steps below.


Step 1: Go to the Animals tab

Go to your Organization Dashboard and click on the Animals tab.

Step 2: Indicate which animals are available for transport and adoption

Simply click the toggle switch on whichever applies to your animals. Are they available for transport only or transport and adoption?

What you indicate will automatically reflect on the Doobert supply and demand map for other users to see and also get posted to Doobert groups as well as your linked Facebook accounts. Once you find a partner organization or adopter for your animals, you just go back in and turn off the toggle switch for the animals that are no longer available and Doobert will automatically remove the corresponding posts from the Facebook pages or groups.


How to Post a Foster Request on Facebook


Aside from posting transports and animals that are available for adoption, you can also publish foster requests to your Facebook pages or groups using Doobert. We broke down the steps for you below.


Step 1: Go to the FosterSpace tab

Step 2: Head on over to the Recruit Fosters quadrant.

After clicking on the FosterSpace tab, scroll down and you’ll find the Recruit Fosters quadrant on the lower right-hand side. 

Step 3: Click on the “+” icon

Step 4: Create a Foster Request

You can select an animal from your organization and have the system auto-populate the foster request form for you.

Or enter the information manually.

At the lower section of the foster request form, you’ll be able to add in questions that you want interested applicants to answer. If you want to add more the one question, just click on the “+” icon to add a new section.

After that, select the Facebook pages or groups where you want the foster request to be posted and hit Publish. Voila! You’ve now officially posted your first foster request!


Pretty easy, right?

Link your Facebook account today to start posting your transports and animals on multiple pages and groups in just one click!


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