Pet Parenting Success Is At Reach With The Pet Parenting Reset!

The Pet Parenting Reset


Pet Parenting Success Is At Reach With The Pet Parenting Reset!

Jessica L. Fischer, founder and host of The Pet Parenting Reset, has authored a book aiming to contribute to pet parenting success. Through the years, Jessica has helped numerous dogs, cats, and pet guardians achieve sounder health.

“Not only are we addressing behavioral issues when we address the diet, but we are also addressing physical issues that could come up at any point.”

Given this initiative, she studied and became more eager to provide pet healthcare services. 


The Pet Parenting Reset Podcast

The Pet Parenting Reset

If you are a fur parent trying to navigate the world of nutrition and dietetics for your pets, The Pet Parenting Reset podcast may be for you. As a pet parent coach, Jessica L. Fischer offers to help every fur parent across the world through her podcast.

It does not matter whether you live on the other side of the globe because the Pet Parenting Reset podcast episodes are available online. 


From Only Training Dogs To Adding Pet Healthcare

The Pet Parenting Reset

After only providing free dog training to clients, Jessica L. Fischer started talking about nutrition for pets, and her clients admired this idea.

Although working and training with pups and kitties was rewarding, her passion for healing them with nutritious meals and learning about traditional and holistic medicine blossomed more than ever. She went on researching, reading, and meeting individuals in the pet space on the web.

The more she discovered the impact of nourishment on the mental and physical states of the animals, the more she became enthusiastic about implementing dietary changes for dog training clients. Luckily, the change in the behavior of the pets has been nothing less than remarkable.

On top of that, Jessica L. Fischer believed that pet parenting success is doable. She endeavored to reset how people should see meals, medicines, surroundings, and exercises for their adorable furry beasts.


How Does A Typical Animal Training Session Look Like?

Aspiring pet parents have options like preferring in-home canine training. This is if they are around Georgetown, Texas, or virtual one-on-one pet training and behavior consultation.

The latter choice is suitable for those who want to learn the tips and tricks at their own speed in the comfort of their homes. In addition, online one-on-one consultation is available for fur guardians needing assistance, who do not live locally, specifically near Texas.

Aside from that, Jessica’s webpage says that there will be personalized pet health coaching in the future. This one prioritizes delivering holistic approaches to help relieve the animals. Well, do not fret because the site states they will work with the vet to determine the root cause of the furry beasts’ health concerns. 

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Jessica: I’m Jessica Fisher, and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Thank you for joining us, Jessica.

Tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Jessica: I started out many, many years ago doing TNR for cats, feral cats, which I still—I kind of wish I was still able to do, but, you know, time constraints and all the things.

I did transition into working with dogs. I started doing dog training because I adopted a dog who had separation anxiety.

And I dove into all the research on separation anxiety and realized that I can help—as much work as I have done with helping rescues and adoption events and collecting donations and all the things I can actually make a difference in helping these dogs stay out of shelters, stay out of rescues.

So, I really went hardcore. Like, I’m doing this into learning to be a positive reinforcement dog trainer.

And what I found—I did about a year of dog training for free, just trying to learn it, trying to figure it all out, trying to help people, trying to make sure what I was doing was working.

And in that time, I actually wrote a little book that I give to all of my in-home clients to be like, “Here you go, here’s how we get started.”

And I quickly, quickly learned that I was so passionate about nutrition for my pets, and I would talk to my clients about nutrition for their pets and everybody that took my advice, and we changed their diet for their dogs.

We saw incredible changes in behavior and in the communication between the dog and the pet parent, and things just clicked and went so much smoother that I have really, really been focusing on shifting—

I still love dog training. I still do dog training, but shifting into pet health coaching so that, we can get these dogs and cats feeling better and that really can make—I mean, to me, it makes an even bigger difference because not only are we addressing behavioral issues, when we address the diet, but we are also addressing physical issues that could come up at any point in the animal’s life.

And we also see so many animals being relinquished to shelters and rescues because of—you know, they just can’t afford the care for these animals at times.

So, that’s what I’m trying to do to make a difference in these pets lives today.

Chris: So, how does a typical session go?

So, somebody contacts you and says, “Hey, is it training?”  “I need nutrition counseling.”

I mean, how are they finding you?

Jessica: Yeah, so for training, I’m very—like super, super localized, generally, just in my neighborhood and surrounding area for one-on-one training.

I also have an online video-based training, so that, anyone can learn and at their own pace. And so, that has been really interesting, getting to put that together, because not only do you have—like, me talking one-on-one to you and explaining things.

I have some videos where I’m showing you exactly what to do, how to do it with my dog. But I have a lot of videos, especially as we get into different behavioral issues and outside of the basic commands, but when we’re getting at separation anxiety, jumping up, barking, reactivity, loose leash walking, all the things.

I have had some really incredible clients over the years, who have allowed me to video our sessions. So, I’m working with various dogs, so you get to see me do these things with all kinds of different dogs.

So, hopefully, you’ll see a dog that maybe resonates a little bit better with you and you’re like, “That won’t work for a big dog.”

Yes, it will, because I’m showing you.

So, that’s been really incredible.

And then with the Pet Health Coaching,  I mean, you can be anywhere, we Zoom, we just do Zoom.

And—I get a lot of information from you upfront about your dog or your cat, including characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, which has been a foundation of holistic care for my pets and really can help so many pets, so many people don’t know about it, which is okay.

And we kind of work from there to help give your pet a better quality of life. A lot of times we can, working with their veterinarian, get them off of pharmaceuticals.

That—you know, the risks. The side effects of these pharmaceuticals a lot of times outweigh the benefits of them.

And so, that’s been really, really rewarding as well.

Chris: Very cool, so if people want to learn more, they want to get signed up with you, where can they go?

Jessica: If you’re listening on your podcast app, the best place to go right now is right back to your podcast app and type in The Pet Parenting Reset and hit that follow button.

That’s going to be the best because then you can come back and go through all the links and do all the things at your leisure.

But my website is JESSICALFISHER.COM and you can find everything there services, blog, links to the podcast, all the things.

But if you just want to stay in your podcast app, I get it. Just type in The Pet Parenting Reset and go from there.

Chris: As I wrap things up here, I just love reminding our viewers and listeners that it always starts with ideas.

And Jessica is somebody that started in animal rescue, and look at her now. Now she’s in pet nutrition health coaching, which ultimately leads to behavior challenges, which ultimately keeps animals out of shelters.

So, maybe you’re watching or listening and you’ve got a great idea for something that can help animals or the people that love them. We’d love to know about it.

Just open your browser and go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and we’d love to have you on the show and talk about it.

And please, if you’re interested in joining the tens of thousands of Dooberteers. Being a volunteer for animal rescue is something that’s very rewarding, as Jessica can tell you.

You can sign up for free at DOOBERT.COM where you can be a transporter, a foster, there’s so many different things— you can shop for your pet food on DOOBERT.COM and we pay 5% of your order forward to the rescue or shelter that you choose, so check it out at DOOBERT.COM.

Jessica, thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you for everything you’re doing. I’m really glad to hear about it.

Jessica: Yeah, thank you so much and all the wonderful work that you’re doing as well. It’s just incredible.

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