Job Search Engine Helps Pet Lovers Find Jobs Where They Can Work With Animals | PackHire

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 84 - PackHire

Job Search Engine Helps Pet Lovers Find Jobs Where They Can Work With Animals | PackHire

Looking for a platform where you can find a job working with animals?

Try PackHire as a job search engine.

An online job board and recruiting service specific to the pet industry, PackHire aims to help pet people and pet professionals connect and find careers in the pet industry.

According to Seda, one of the company’s co-founders,

“Our mission is to help pet people and pet professionals connect and find careers in the pet industry. So, we work with both businesses and candidates to help them come together and find the career or hiring match for their business.”

PackHire: Where Pet Lovers Find Jobs

packhire website

Although there are many well-known job boards, like ZipRecruiter and Indeed, it was important to Seda and their team that PackHire becomes a platform that encompasses the whole pet market.

This is especially true considering that the pet industry has very niche job boards within various segments.

Seda continued,

“We’re the first to market in this niche if you will… So, hopefully, PackHire sort of becomes a one-stop shop that can help folks who know they want to work in this industry, know they love working with pets, or know they wanna get into it. It will help them to refine and navigate different segments that may interest them.”

packhire for the global pet care market

Basically, Seda wants each and every visitor to come to their website and be able to search for anything that may be right up their alley. This includes the whole range, from rescue jobs and jobs in the pet food or pet tech industry to pet eCommerce and veterinary care.

In addition to that, because its clients include businesses in the pet space that are looking to hire, PackHire also helps by offering to source and place candidates for these clients.

“We found out through different surveys we’ve put in the market and recently through SuperZoo, which we attended as an innovation incubator attendee, that a lot of customers and a lot of businesses are needing help finding people. There’s just a general labor shortage…”

Learning of the shortage, Seda then decided to apply her years of experience in legal recruitment into the pet world, which she was passionate about.

And Thats How PackHire Came to Be

fast and focused job search on packhire

Seda then shared,

“I started looking for positions for myself in the market. I went on Indeed and ZipRecruiter… And the search results I was getting were garbage. I mean, I think the top one of my search, one of them came back as a nursing home manager. The other one was a gentleman’s club events manager. Just nonsense.”

Not believing what she was seeing, she and her partner discussed how they could possibly resolve the problem.

Luckily, even without technical experience, they had an expert team they could rely on.

They also learned a lot of things, including establishing new mindsets and looking at things from other perspectives.

Now, PackHire has launched in 2020 and is looking to cater to pet businesses worldwide moving forward.



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Seda: Hi there, my name is Seda Bolulu, and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Excellent introduction, Seda.

So, welcome, thank you for coming on. Why don’t you start off by telling us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals?

Seda: I am one of the co-founders of We’re an online job board and recruiting service specific to the pet industry.

So, our goal and mission is: To help pet people and pet professionals connect and find careers in the pet industry. We work with both businesses and candidates.

So, employers and candidates to help them come together and find the right career match or hiring match for their business. 

Chris: So, you guys are very specific, like you said, to the pet industry, right? I’ve never heard of any other site or anybody that does this. Are you guys the only ones?

Seda: We are first to market in this niche, if you will, this vertical marketplace. The pet industry actually has very niche job boards within various segments.

So, if you’re in the veterinary space, AVMA—it’s a career just for the veterinary industry. And there’s kind of more—very— if you whittle down specific job boards within each segment as well.

But there’s nothing really that encompasses the whole market. That was important for me when I was starting my journey.

So, hopefully, PackHire and sort of— it being kind of a one-stop-shop, can help folks who know they want to work in this industry, know they love working with pets, or know they— want to get into it. It’ll help them sort of find and navigate different segments that may interest them.

So, they’re not boxed in.

Chris: Did you guys set out to— kind of map out, like, how do you want PackHire to work? 

Seda: I knew that niche job boards, you get the most bang for your buck because we use niche job boards in the legal industry and creative industries. Oftentimes they’re cheaper and they— you have a targeted group of people you’re working. So, I mean, you have passion there, you have a commitment there, you have industry experience there. You weed out the one-click applies on Indeed and LinkedIn and all that.

So, we kind of had that in mind, that vertical marketplace and it just kind of— became getting the right resources in place to build out a website and an interface and all that.

Chris: So, now how long ago did you guys actually launch this?

Seda: So, we launched last September of 2020. 

Chris: Oh, wow— okay, so without a— or not so much launched during the COVID pandemic.

Seda: Yes and no.

And I’ll start with yes first because COVID obviously increased the demand of pet care services for your animals. 23 million households adopted a dog or a cat during COVID last year. So, the demand for services has increased.

Veterinary services, grooming services, namely— as such, the demand for the talent and the people to support those industries is growing.

At the same time, just over the last four years, we’ve had venture capital and private equity invest over $2 billion in the pet industry.

Again, you’re seeing massive growth, lots of hiring. I mean, you’re having 50% year-over-year growth in some of these startups.

That was a pro for us because we’re like— it’s really the right time to do this and it’s a website, it’s not a daycare facility. It’s not a hard shop. I do say— the trouble was— I’m a big person to person.

I mean, I go to vet clinics, I go to our neighborhood healthy spot. I do a lot of our marketing or secondary research, if you will, in person.

So, I wasn’t doing much of that— though, I did some, you know, secretly—with my math. Yeah, it was a lot of online surveys.

Chris: So, what does your roadmap look like? Where do you take it, right? How do you continue to grow and what do you plan to do with all of this?

Seda: We started the process of raising and looking into different options for early investments, seed stage, and investments. Now that we’ve started generating revenue and we have book of business and some clients that are pleased with us and we hope that we can continue to scale quickly.

That’s really going to be the key here because it’s a fast-moving market, it’s changing. There’s so many great pet tech companies and new companies emerging in the market.

So, we really wanna— though we’re first to market. We want to be able to scale and really deliver on these exciting opportunities that we’re presenting the jobs market today.

Chris: I’m really excited that you guys are doing this. I’m excited to see where you’re going. Is there anything else you want to mention, Seda before I wrap things up today?

Seda: We would love for any viewers to follow us our Tik Tok, our Instagram, and Facebook, and Twitter, and our YouTube channel.

We would greatly appreciate it. We post all of our jobs on those channels as well as our website so you may see them advertised. Please feel free to share with pet lovers in the industry.

Chris: Well, as we wrap things up I will remind our viewers and listeners that if you have an innovative idea like Seda did and for something that’s definitely needed in our industry, we want to talk about it.

We’d like to know about it. Go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and love to get you on the show and talk more about it.

So, Seda, thank you again for coming on. I’m really excited to see where PackHire is going to go, and hopefully, we’ll be having you on again in the future.

Seda: Thank you.

Appreciate it, Chris.

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