Real Food That Supports Pet Healing | The Original Crockpet Diet

Original Crockpet Diet by Dr. Ruth Roberts Supports Pet Healing


Real Food That Supports Pet Healing | The Original Crockpet Diet

Does your pet suffer from a health condition?

The Original Crockpet Diet by Dr. Ruth Roberts may help dramatically improve their quality of life.

According to Dr. Ruth, who  has supported thousands of dogs and cats to overcome health hurdles through holistic pet care tailored to their unique health profile,

My goal with The Original Crockpet Diet was to teach people how to cook for their pets, to be able to manipulate the ingredients. This way, if the pet had a food sensitivity, they could just take whatever it was out of the diet and be able to substitute something else back in that would still keep the diet complete and balanced for all life stages…”

Coming Up With The Original Crockpet Diet

The Idea for history of The Original Crockpet Diet by Dr. Ruth Roberts

A veterinarian with over a decade of experience, Dr. Ruth came up with the idea of The Original Crockpet Diet after one of her own pets got an infection on the heart valve back in 2006.

She shared,

“I was studying Chinese medicine at the time, got certified in acupuncture, herbology, all that good stuff… So, I’m talking with my professors…[about] what else I can do [because] this dog would not let me put acupuncture needles in her…”

One of the things her teachers at the time suggested was to start cooking to improve her Fido’s heart health. This suggestion would eventually turn out to be one of the most helpful pieces of advice she’d carry into her professional career.

“Over three months, I watched on ultrasound as this lesion on her heart valve went from this size (big) to this size (smaller). And I was like, ‘Okay, I can’t not start doing this for my patients.’”

background for the original crockpet diet

At the time, while Dr. Ruth gathered the courage to pursue the idea for The Original Crockpet Diet, a lot of changes were also well underway.

For instance, which was also the most important, the first major pet food recall happened. This led to pet parents having no idea whom to trust and what food to feed their pets.

And with pet brands being recalled every week, people started coming to Dr. Ruth to get recipes for their furbabies.

“It was just crazy because all of a sudden, all of these pets that had chronic skin issues, chronic diarrhea, all sorts of things that we’d been treating and barely keeping under control were gone… So, I started studying functional medicine in 2012, incorporating more of that idea of letting food be your medicine,”

Dr. Ruth said.

Her efforts eventually paid off around 2010, when the first big version of The Original Crockpet Diet was born.

Getting On With The Original Crockpet Diet

getting on with the original crockpet diet by dr. ruth roberts

Having experienced firsthand the benefits of The Original Crockpet Diet, Dr. Ruth believes that getting the diet right is the most important step when trying to fix our pets’ health issues.

She explained,

“Honestly, most people don’t cook for themselves. So, the way I set this up is in batches of food… It’s clearly laid out what you can substitute, what you can’t substitute, what supplements you need to make it stay balanced… And the goal is to create a plan so that it’s easy to follow.”



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Dr. Roberts: I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Excellent introduction, Dr. Ruth. Thank you very much for coming on today. Really excited to have you.

So, you get to start us off. Tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Dr. Roberts: Chris, thanks so much for having me on. I am a veterinarian. Back in 2006, I started to see that the bag of dog food really wasn’t the best answer.

And I was studying Chinese medicine at the time, got certified in acupuncture, herbology, all that good stuff.

And one of my own pets had bacterial endocarditis, which is an infection on the heart valve. And it is just as bad as it sounds.

So, we did all the conventional Western stuff to get her through the crisis period. And—so, I’m talking with my professors at the Chi Institute. And I’m like, what else can I do for this dog?

Because this typically doesn’t go very well. This dog would not let me put acupuncture needles in her, but she did eat the Chinese herbs, they suggested. And the number one, important thing they suggested was to start to cook for her.

And over three months, I watched on ultrasound as this lesion on her heart valve went—from no kidding, this size to this size. And it’s like: Okay, I can’t not start doing this for my patients. It was just astonishing because as I gathered the courage to do this, things are starting to change for people.

And more importantly, the first major pet food recall happened. People did not know what to feed their pets. This is back in `07, right.

My clients, we were giving them recipes. It was the very basic one. But literally, we had people coming in off the street to get recipes because they just didn’t know what to trust because every week another brand was recalled.

Chris: Yeah, and it’s something— I’ll be honest,  it seems so intimidating, right. If you said to me, “Hey, Chris, go and cook for the cats and be like—” I—I’m not even sure where to begin. Right.

It does seem like it’s something that—you know, I’m used to going to the store and buying cat food, right. Both kibble and high-quality canned food and things like that.

But, I think what you’re hinting at is—there’s so much more that I could be doing and looking at. And you’ve really tried to break this down and make it easy on people.

Dr. Roberts: The way that I do it— a lot of the recipes that are out there are for that day or for that meal. And— I mean, honestly, most people don’t cook for themselves.

The way I set this up is, in batches of food, so that you cook it. You can double and triple or whatever.

But literally, when I was still in clinical practice—we had ten pets. So, five dogs, five cats. And in about 4 hours, we would knock out a month’s worth of food and freeze a bunch of it.

You can make it as hard as you want to make it, or we can make it a whole lot easier. And so, it’s clearly laid out what you can substitute, what you can’t substitute, what supplements you need to make it stay balanced.

But that’s the thing. If I say to you: Yeah, you need to cook for your cat. and don’t give you any plan, it is daunting. And so, that was the goal is to create a plan so that, it’s easy to follow.

Chris: What’s been the feedback that you’ve heard from people? I mean, you took a dive into this, right?

You said yourself you were learning a lot. What have people said?

Dr. Roberts: It’s been astonishing.

And so, I stopped doing clinical practice in 2016 and have been working online during consultations, supporting clients that buy the Crockpet Diet membership.

And it’s things like: My dog’s kidney values went back to normal. Or my cat stopped itching, or the diarrhea that we were seeing 2 or 3 times a week, stopped.

I can’t tell you it’s been the cure for every pet, but for, I would say 85% to 90% of them, it has made a significant impact on how they feel, how they move.

So, it’s just been wonderful.

Chris: Now, one of the things I wanted to point out, I mean, you obviously did a book, but now you’ve turned this into courses as well.

Tell us about that.

Dr.Roberts: Right, that’s kind of where we started was with the course. And what we realized is that people weren’t ready to go into that detail. 

And so, what we did is create an ebook out of the ebook that was already in the course so that, you can read through that, get an idea, is this going to work for me? Is it not going to work for me?

And then if you decide, yeah, this is going to work for me, but I need a little more help. We’ve got a couple of ways, that—can happen.

And one is, with the course, there are cooking videos, there are several sorts of pre-planned recipes available for you.

And then most important, every week, I do a live broadcast over YouTube and answer questions like:

My dog has been diagnosed with early kidney disease, what do I need to do? Or I’ve noticed that my dog isn’t so happy eating this list of ingredients anymore. What should I do?

So, we’re able to help people pivot and figure out how to adjust the diet for their pets so that, it improves their health, their well-being, but without taking it out of balance.

Chris: So what’s next, where do you take this?

Dr. Roberts: I mean, really, this is my goal. I think in the coming years, we’re going to find more and more supply chain issues.

And so, if you have the ability to cook for your pet, and—like, you know in the early days of COVID, people couldn’t find particular types of meat they couldn’t find for themselves or for their pets.

You’ll be able to pivot and like, okay, if there’s a chicken shortage then I’m going to use, maybe pork and fish instead.

That’s there—but the other thing is that I think we really have to start thinking about sustainability for pets.

Because the truth is that somewhere between 25 and 30% of the protein, the animal protein that is produced in the United States, is already consumed by dogs and cats.

Pushing pets— more pets towards raw is not going to help the sustainability issue. If cows are the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions, we have to figure out how to scale that back.

So, my hope is to give people the power to control what they’re putting into their pet’s bodies and also the power to be able to pivot in the event of shortages of different availability of crops.

So, that’s the big plan.

Chris: So Dr. Ruth, one more time, why don’t you tell people the website, how do they can get involved and learn more?

Dr. Roberts: Sure, it’s DRRUTHROBERTS.COM  There are tons of blogs, tons of information there and then you can head over to the shop and check out The Original Crockpet Diet and several of the other products we’ve got available to.

Chris: Dr. Ruth, I’m really glad you came on today and as we wrap things up I’ll just remind our viewers and listeners that maybe you’re coming to your pivotal moment in life and you need to do like Dr. Ruth and you’re right and take a new path on helping animals.

If you’ve got an innovative idea for a product or service or anything that’s helping animals, we want to know about it just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and please come on the show, so we can talk to you and learn more about what you’re doing.

So, Dr.Ruth, thank you again for coming on. I really enjoyed the conversation.

Dr. Roberts: Chris, me too.

Thank you so much for doing, what you’re doing.

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