What is a “Rescue Relay Transport?”

Content reprinted with permission from Sunbear Squad. Copyright Sunbear Squad Inc. All Rights Reserved

Do you have pets at home that were adopted from rescues? Have you ever wondered how they got to that rescue? It’s possible that volunteers drove (or flew) your pet across many miles, maybe hundreds of miles, to that rescue to save your pet’s life. Over-filled animal control facilities or pounds euthanize an estimated 4 million dogs and cats each year; people work together to save every life possible.

Each weekend in America, an army of volunteer rescue transport drivers deliver dogs and cats to safety in an organized relay of vehicles.

Hard-working volunteer transport coordinators plan the logistics, organize the passengers, and provide support by phone continuously during the entire one- or two-day operation. Drivers sign up for relay “legs” via e-mail. They meet the previous leg drivers at an appointed time, transfer the lucky dogs and cats to their vehicles, and drive to the next relay meeting spot where the process is repeated until the destination is reached.
Why do people volunteer? It takes time and money, but it is extremely rewarding. For a short time those precious lives are in your care. It means so much to know they will soon have families and you helped save their lives.

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