What is a “Rescue Relay Transport?”

Do you have pets at home that were adopted from rescues? Have you ever wondered how they got to that rescue? It’s possible that volunteers drove (or flew) your pet across many miles, maybe hundreds of miles, to that rescue to save your pet’s life. Next time, you can help!

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How to be a rescue transporter

What do you need to be a volunteer animal rescue transport driver? It’s not hard at all and if you have some time, a vehicle of some sort, a general knowledge of animals, and of course a transport kit, you too can be among the ranks of the animal rescuers.

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Transport Tips & Tricks

Now that you’re interested and willing to help out, learn from those that have gone before you what some of the best tips and tricks are. How do you deal with a stressed out animal or one that is prone to car sickness? Can you feed or water the animals during the transport?

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Get started on Doobert.com

Using Doobert.com is simple. You create an e-mail/password combination, or if you prefer, you can use your Facebook login. Then you set your profile for the days you’re available and distance you can drive, and sit back and relax. Doobert will contact you when there’s a transport that meets YOUR criteria…

Doobert.com step-by-step videos

Check out our Doobert.com Videos page which is chock full of videos from our YouTube channel. Each video walks you through a specific area of Doobert.com from within the software so you can see exactly how to leverage the power of Doobert to get started on animal rescue.

How can you help rescued animals?


Every week there are hundreds of rescue relay transports that take place across the country. You can volunteer your time to move the animals to safety. Not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. This is what Doobert.com is all about. Simply create an account by clicking GET STARTED NOW at the bottom of this page and we’ll guide you from there…


Fosters serve as temporary homes for rescued animals until their forever homes can be found. Rescues and Shelters are very appreciative of fosters and often cover all of the costs of the animal if you’re willing to open your door to them. Want to foster but don’t know where to begin? Click the HELP/FEEDBACK button down below to contact us and we’ll get you setup to help…


Even if you’re not able to open your home as a foster, rescues and shelters would love to have your help in many different ways. If they have a physical facility they’d welcome your assistance caring for an exercising the animals. They also need help coordinating care and schedules. Click the HELP/FEEDBACK button below to contact us and we’ll help you get linked to a local rescue or shelter so you can volunteer…


Rescues and Shelters are always in need of funding to support their efforts. If you are able to donate they are very appreciative of any amount. You can either click to sponsor any of the animals on our Doobert.com homepage, or you can click the HELP/FEEDBACK button below to contact us and we’d be glad to link you up with a local shelter or rescue that you can sponsor financially…

Reputable rescue checklist

There are FOUR key aspects that all reputable rescues adhere to: Care, Process, Compliance, & Ethics. Understanding what to look for is key to ensuring you are dealing with a rescue that is reputable. Click to read our full article on what to look for to ensure you are supporting best practices when working with animal rescues across the country.