All-Natural Pet Food Prevents Chronic Diseases and Extends Your Pet’s Life | My Zone Blue Pet Food

All-Natural Pet Food Prevents Chronic Diseases and Extends Your Pet’s Life | My Zone Blue Pet Food

If you’re a meticulous pet owner who reads pet food labels and insists on analyzing its nutrients before deciding whether to feed it to your fur baby, My Zone Blue has something in store for you.


Founded by scientists who love animals, My Zone Blue is a Boston, Massachusetts-based startup that is dedicated to the design, production, and commercialization of premium raw and freeze-dried pet food, toppers, and treats. It aims to help improve the health of domestic dogs and cats and implements a science-based approach to pet nutrition using only natural, human-grade ingredients.


According to Pedro Mejia, one of its co-founders, their brand’s story started when one of his and his wife’s cats became ill with kidney disease and many other health problems. The situation made it difficult for the couple to find a range of healthy foods for their feline baby.


Noticing that their case wasn’t a unique one and that this incident and other health-related problems were actually pretty common among dogs and cats, Pedro and his wife Monica thought of using their scientific backgrounds and applying their knowledge as scientists to helping improve pets’ quality of life through nutrition.


Pedro shared, 

“Inflammation, for example, can be caused by several multiple factors. One of them can be the food that you eat, right? And especially with dogs and cats, if they eat the same food every day, in and out, there’s this chronic inflammation that forms, and in the long term, it can damage your organs. That, together with oxidative stressoxidationthat’s also induced by diseases, aging, but also by food. And again, in the long term, it can have very damaging results on your organs. And again, it’s all linked to nutrition.”


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Fortunately, there are many ways that you can intervene and help resolve health conditions like chronic inflammation in your pets.


Pedro and his team, for instance, formulated their own pet food products from scratch using natural components. The goal was not just to make a positive impact on your pets’ health but also to make it easier for pet owners and animal lovers to choose pet foods that are beneficial to their four-legged furry kids.


Committed to and proactive about making production sustainable and eco-friendly, My Zone Blue uses a specific macronutrient composition consisting of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to prevent chronic diseases and extend the lifespan of pets by mimicking their ancestral eating behavior.


All-Natural Pet Food Prevents Chronic Diseases and Extends Your Pet's Life | My Zone Blue Pet Food


The brand utilizes only raw, fresh, wholesome, human-grade, non-GMO ingredients from Midwest farms, as well as humanely raised, pasture-free, and cage-free animals for their formulations.


When asked where the inspiration for their brand name came from, Pedro said, 

“You might hear of those ‘blue zones’ around the world. Actually, there are five blue zones around the world, where people live healthy lifestyles, and there’s a concentration of centenarians there. People have studied those populations, and they know nowadays that these people have good nutrition, exercise, social relationships. So, that’s where the name came from, and we said, ‘Okay, why can’t your dog or your cat have this same blue zone, right, if we create it with good nutrition and care and exercise?’”


All-Natural Pet Food Prevents Chronic Diseases and Extends Your Pet's Life | My Zone Blue Pet Food


Claiming to put pet health at the heart of their business, My Zone Blue made sure that they only worked with U.S. Department of Agriculture-inspected manufacturing facilities, suppliers, and partners. They also made it a point to test all the raw pet food products they release. Because of this, it came as no surprise that it took them about a year before they got their first product out to the market.


Pedro sighed, remembering,

“We tried a lot of formulations… And, well, those are not that hard in terms ofthey (dogs and cats) will eat almost anything… But that’s not the main thing. The main thing is that is healthy for them, so that was our main concern.”


As for what made My Zone Blue pet foods different from their competitors, Pedro opined that, unlike other pet food brands, their products were developed and produced using science-backed methods.


He continued,

“Again, there’s a lot of science… We know that the best way to preserve all the nutrients in the ingredients is to keep it raw, not cooked, and freeze-dried. This technology is amazing, and it’s the best way to preserve food right now. For example, in the Army, this is what they call “survival food” because you can use a long shelf life. And also, it really preserves everythingeven the order, the taste, the smellwhich is important also for dogs and cats. So, that’s important. And then, as I said before, the fact that we fill all the requirements and nutritional requirements with one of the real natural stuff.”


Among the products that My Zone Blue offers is toppers, which pet owners can easily add on top of their pet dogs’ food. Even a small cup of this raw, freeze-dried food already entails a lot of vitamins and nutrients coming from vegetables, fruits, meat, and pork. They also have healthy treats that contain only natural components for both dogs and cats.


Pedro stated,

“I feel like people have this idea of treats, being, like, extra calories just so your pet is happy. Yeah, that’s a good point, but also, it can be healthy. It doesn’t need to be like our treats, right? That’s the idea: that you keep allfrom treats to toppers to complete foodeverything must be healthy and good for your dog.”


With a goal to help animals, Pedro believes that the pet food industry has a huge potential in helping improve pets’ health. Hence, while pet nutrition can be a complex subject to tackle, he hopes that My Zone Blue can help make it easier for pet parents to care for their babies.




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