My First Transport

My First Transport

I signed up for Doobert just recently, and got my Doobert certification.  This is the story of my very first transport, booked through Doobert.
I was leg #6 in an 1100 mile journey for an English Pointer, “Spot” (tentative name), from TN to NY.  I had prepared my Ford Ranger pickup with a well ventilated (but unairconditioned) camper cap to transport rescues in a a secured crate.  However, the weather here in Ohio was brutally hot, 90 degrees plus, with bright sunshine.  So, I decided to use my wife’s new Camry Hybrid, so Spot could ride in airconditioned comfort.
When I picked him up, Spot was friendly and curious.  On our ten minute break during the pick up, he sniffed everything, peed on most things, and had a joyous roll in the grass (photo).
When it was time to go, I secured him in the back seat with a 4′ leash attaching the top of his harness to a buckled seatbelt.  He almost immediately climbed into the front seat.  Leash too long.  But I couldn’t figure out how to double it up or otherwise shorten it.  So, we set off.
In the heavy traffic around the pickup point, Spot was restless and tried to climb into the front seat several times.  I managed to fend him off by putting the center console lid up and holding it in place.  Once we hit the open road, and I played Mozart, he lay down and rested for most of the rest of the trip.
About 15 minutes from pickup, Spot let off a silent but deadly fart that filled the cabin of the Camry.  I opened the windows a bit to get some fresh air.  Unfortunately, this apparently frightened Spot.  He started trying to climb into the front seat again.  This time, he got half way in, even though he was still leashed to the seatbelt in back, the center console was still up, and the passenger seat in from was full of stuff.  I had to pull off at the next exit and stop at a gas station to extricate him.  He was fine, but we were both a little stressed by the experience.
I delivered Spot to his pickup, unharmed and still interested in sniffing everything and peeing on most things. I followed his subsequent progress on the FB chat group that had been set up by the coordinator.  He made it fine to his new foster home.  And I noticed in the photos that one of the transporters had clipped his restraint lead to the front of his halter, not the top.  DOH!
I won’t make that rookie mistake again.

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