Chris and Daphne Roy are the founders of and have been involved in many different aspects of animal rescue for over 17 years. Their passion for animal welfare is evident through rescuing their own animals and supporting the professional rescue organizations and volunteers who make animal rescue their life’s purpose.

Our Family

Chris and Daphne live in the Midwest with their furry family which currently consists of two dogs: Bear and Maddox and three cats: Holly, Noel and Mina. All of their 4-legged children were acquired via rescue over the last 17 years:

  • Bear (German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever-ish Mix): Bear was their second foster dog from Arf’s German Shepherd Rescue. While they don’t know his exact story, they’ve known him since he was 5 months old; thus, their history is his history.
  • Maddox (Rottweiler/Coon Hound/Boxer Mix?): Chris’ sister, Liz, found Maddox in Ohio during a rainstorm, mid-December 2011, with a collar and no tags. The poor boy had a UTI, hookworm, whipworm, and heartworm (Stage 1), all of which have been successfully treated!
  • Holly (Russian Blue Mix-ish): Holly was found in a cardboard box with her siblings (all approximately 4 weeks old) in a Milwaukee alley during a severe (below zero) cold snap
  • Noel (Tabby): Noel and her siblings were born at and adopted from the Elmbrook Humane Society in Brookfield, Wisconsin.
  • Mina (Russian Blue Mix): Mina was their most recent addition and joined the Roys when her mother took an overseas assignment.