Clippers for Dog Nails Help Pet Groomers Keep Dogs Groomed | KlipTrio

KlipTrio Clippers for Dog Nails Help Pet Groomers Keep Dogs Groomed

Animal Innovations Show - Episode 71 - KlipTrio

Clippers for Dog Nails Help Pet Groomers Keep Dogs Groomed | KlipTrio

Take the stress out of keeping your dogs groomed and their nails trimmed!

KlipTrio is the first and only three-in-one pet nail trimmer with the first-ever disposable styptic powder cartridges.

And nope, it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

In fact, its creator, Alexandre Contreras, aims to make KlipTrio the standard grooming tool for a safer, faster, and more hygienic way of trimming your pets’ nails.

He elaborated during the podcast,

“One task in particular that I focused or hyper-focused on was the nail trimming process. This is one of those dreadful events that even the most trained technician can be bound to make an error… And it dawned on me to come out with the first-ever, disposable, styptic, powder cartridge that will snap into the first ever three-in-one pet nail trimmer…”

KlipTrio on Keeping Pet Parents Safe

kliptrio dog nail clippers inventor alexandre contreras with his son

A native resident of Miami, Florida and a veterinary technician for about 15 years, Alexandre came up with the idea for KlipTrio after binge-watching two seasons of Shark Tank back to back.

“After binge-watching… I went to work with a different mindset. That mindset was: ‘There’s something here that I should be observing that I can improve on’,”

he said, walking down memory lane.

And lo and behold, according to Alexandre, it just so happened that on that particular day, they got to do nail trimming on a little Yorkie. Unfortunately, as soon as the canine jumped on her pet parent, the Yorkie scratched up her skin, making her dog mom bleed.

“(Our doctor) came out of the background. He asked one simple question. He said, ‘Did you guys file that dog’s nail?’… The actual technician who actually made the error came forward and said, ‘Doctor, I didn’t do it because it was another step.’ When that technician said ‘because it was another step’, that’s when the light bulbs rang in my head.”

This scenario would eventually inspire Alexandre to think about how to streamline the process of trimming a four-legged companion’s nails.

kliptrio dog nail three-in-one styptic powder cartridges clippers

KlipTrio streamlines everything with just a click. Hence, veterinary technicians no longer have to grab another tool or ask others to pass them another tool.

In Alexandre’s opinion,

“This is definitely going to change the veterinary industry, and most importantly, for the everyday pet owner as well. They’ll have that safety blanket that if they do unfortunately make that mistake… they have the solution with the cartridge there.”

Using KlipTrio to Keep Dogs Groomed Efficiently

how to trim your pet's nails using kliptrio

A vision that Alexandre has had since 2016, KlipTrio is finally here after four and a half years of Alexandre battling out for utility patents.

And many pet parents couldn’t be more thrilled.

“One point that’s very important, Chris, is that they (pet parents) can also train themselves to know how to do it properly. Meaning, when they trim the animals nail using KlipTrio, they can just do the tip,”

Alexandre explained.

reviews for KlipTrio Clippers

In addition to all that, their main selling point is that it’s also the first-ever positive reinforcement nail clipper on the market.

“When I introduced it to my dog, China,…no longer does she think, ‘Oh, my nails are going to be trimmed!’ and beat lines for the door. Now, she sees this, and she associates it with some type of positive reinforcement. And she allows me to conduct the nail treatment process efficiently, especially in the veterinarian setting.”

Previously a daunting task where pets are mostly on guard, the nail trimming process has become much more efficient with the introduction of treats and KlipTrio.

kliptrio nail clippers provide positive reinforcement

Elaborating on his vision for KlipTrio, Alexandre shared that there are three aspects he wants to focus on. First is the care aspect that comes in the veterinary field. The second is the advocacy part. The third is support.

“At the end of the day, I definitely want to try to leave a legacy behind it… So, if there’s something that I can do on my end to kind of streamline that for my product and my brand, I definitely want to be in tune with that as well,”

Alexandre said, closing the podcast.



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Alex: My name is Alexandre Contreras. You’re tuning in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: I love that. That was great.

So, Alex, tell us who you are, and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Alex: Yeah.

So, I’ve been a veterinary technician here in South Florida, for about about 15 years, and then early 2016, it dawned on me, like every inventor, and every innovator, especially Shark Tank watcher.

How can I create a product that’s going to revolutionize the pet industry, but also make it safer, faster, and more hygienic, for us technicians in the field.

And one task in particular that I focused or hyper-focused on—was the nail trimming process. This is one of those dreadful events, that even the most trained technician you’re bound to make an error. And that’s sniffing the quick, which is the vein that runs in the nail.

And I thought to myself: Man, how can I streamline this process and make it safer, faster? And most importantly, when we do create that error, which happens 60% of the time, even to the most trained technician, how are we going to apply styptic powder in a fast and hygienic fashion?

And it dawned on me to come out with, the first-ever disposable styptic powder cartridge, that will snap into the first-ever true 3-in-1 pet nail trimmer, with a stainless steel nail file embedded right on the actual handle, meaning that there’s no more of that time-wasting, and time-consuming of having to grab another tool, or yelling to your technician, “Hey, can you pass me the jar of styptic powder?”

It’s all going to be streamlined here with the KlipTrio. 

Chris: So, take us back to the point, Alex. At the start of your journey, I mean, one day you’re at the office— dog comes in, right. Take us back to when you had this epiphany and said, “There’s got to be a better way.”

Alex: The night before, I previously binge-watch, maybe like two seasons of Shark Tank. And when I went to bed that night, I had some form of a dream. I don’t know if this is scientifically proven, but I know the things you watch prior to bedtime, somehow another get entangled in your dream world, and then you wake up with some type of affirmation or something.

But in my case in particular, after binge-watching two seasons, back to back like that, and going to bed, waking up at 6 in the morning, to do my shift at 07:00, at the practice, I went to work with a different mindset, and that mindset was: There’s something here that I should be observing, that I can improve on?

And it just so happened that when I walked into this room in particular, we’re getting ready to do a nail trimming on a little Yorkie.

Never forget. I believe the pet’s name was Zoe, and we go ahead, we do the nail trimming, like every technician at that time 07:00, we got to hurry up. Doctors coming in for surgery. We got a double book, we got a prep. We got to hurry this thing out, get it out the door in a safe fashion, right.

So, we did the nail trim. When we gave the patient back to the owner, the first thing that the patient did, was to greet the owner and jump on the owner. Unfortunately, it was an older lady, very frail skin. So, as soon as Zoe jumped on her— kind of scratched up her skin, the lady was kind of bleeding in the exam room.

Our doctor went into the room, kind of fixed the lady, and patched it up, ended up giving the lady the free nail trimming because it was an error on our part.

He comes out of the backroom, he asked one simple question. He said, “Did you guys file that dog’s nail?” Of course, all the technicians, crickets—you can hear a pin drop.

Since I was the lead tech that day, I kind of took the hit for the team, and I said, “no, Dr. Mona— you know, I did the nail trim, and no, I didn’t file that dog’s nail.” Then the actual technician who actually did the error came forward and said, “Dr. Mona, I didn’t do it because it was another step.”

When that technician said: Because it was another step. That’s when the light bulb sprung in my head. That’s another step. I need to make it to where we have no excuse, why we didn’t do this nail trimming properly in the first place.

So, the doctor then told that technician, “I don’t care how many steps it takes you, you should have done it correctly.”

So, that was the day one light bulb in my head. The next day, we come back to work, and this is where the magic really hit, right.

So again, normal day at work. We’re back there wrestling with this big dog, cutting the nails. And unfortunately, he made the mistake of nipping the quick, and I didn’t have the powder on me. So, I had to yell to another technician, “Hey, can you bring the powder?” “We need to patch this up.” “We’re getting ready to pick this station up.”

You know, there needs to be uniform. It needs to be— look nice, right. So, we’re sitting there trying to wrestle this dog, putting the powder, kicking the jars, flip the powder all over the place. We made a huge mess, and I thought to myself:

This is it right here, Alex. This has to be improved. This has to be more efficient. And most importantly, has to be more hygienic. How can we correct that?

Chris: Alex, this has been really super cool, to talk to you. Remind people again one more time where they can go. What’s the website?

How can they get notified when it’s coming out? 

Alex: Definitely. So, another thing that I’ll point into here, I was so passionate about the thing that I created, that I even tattooed the brand KlipTrio.

So, you can go to KLIPTRIO.COM Sign up there to be on the waiting list.

Definitely follow me on the social media @KLIPTRIO, also at @DOGAPY so that’s, @D-O-G-A-P-Y.

Follow me on LinkedIn under Alexandre Contreras. I also just got a clubhouse last night. Definitely get on there and you can follow me on there, @DOGAPY, as well.

Chris: This is awesome, Alex. I can’t wait for this thing to come out.

And before we end our show here, I’m just going to remind our viewers and listeners, that if you got an amazing idea like Alex did, or know somebody that does a product, service, whatever it is, or even just the idea, go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and tell us about it.

We’d love to get you on the show and talk about it. So, thanks again, Alex. We’re super excited for this thing to come out.

Alex: Thank you.

Thank you, Chris. I appreciate it.

Chris: Thank you.

Alex: We’ll definitely be speaking again. 

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