Keep your pets safe during thunderstorms

With Spring in full swing and Summer closely approaching, it means changing weather including severe weather. These storms can result in scared pets, lost pets and loud noises that can stress out our pets. Our pets have strong senses which includes nearing storms. They often can predict and smell oncoming storms well before humans can which can influence their behavior. Be aware of how your pets act during severe weather and use some of these tips to prepare for a storm:


Stay Calm and Create a Safe Place

Be sure to have a place that your pets can go to in a storm. This can include enough space where they can hide, in their kennel, behind the couch or under the table. Make sure you stay calm for your pets. They can sense when you are stressed which can increase their fear and scared behavior. Try playing with your pet with toys or treats to distract and keep their minds at ease.

Medication and Comfort Options

Depending on your pet, especially dogs, they find it comforting to feel snug. There are products, including the Thundershirt, that fit snug on your pet to help keep them calm and feel secure. In some cases. your pet may need a little extra help to calm down. Talk to your vet about medications to ease your pets anxious behavior.

Pet Identification 

During the storm seasons, the number of lost pets ending up at shelters increases. If your pet tends to run away or you find them running away in a case of bad weather, make sure your pet is wearing their ID tags and that they are up to date. This will help you find your pet if they do get lost and the shelters can easily return your pet if they end up there.

Comfort Your Pet

Check in on your pet during the storms and make sure they are doing well. After the bad weather has passed be sure to comfort your pet and give them a little extra love to make sure they know you are there for them!

Let us know ways you help your pets during bad weather and for more tips, including what to do during tornadoes, you can go here!





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