July 16th New Enhancements

New improvements are now available on Doobert.com.  Schedule a one on one training at [email protected] to help you get started. 


Notification Bubbles — We have added notification bubbles to alert users of unread items. Helping you stay organized is a priority of ours. We are confident you will find the notification bubbles helpful and time saving.

Block Users – Organizations now have the ability to block users from their organization. We understand that situations come about where your organization may need to cut ties with a volunteer. For additional training on this feature contact [email protected].

View Only Organization Request – Drivers can request to ‘join’ or belong to an organization even if they do not have official duties with the organization. The driver can request to have ‘View Only’ access to the organizations profile.

Public and Private Animal Profiles – Organizations have the ability to make their animal profiles viewable outside an organization or only within their organization.

Improved Horse Demeanor’s and Icons – We have updated the demeanor’s and icons to fit the horse profile more appropriately.

Fixed Issues

The Doobert.com team is happy to report that we did not have any Fixed Issues in this announcement. If you have issues with the software please contact us at [email protected].


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