Professional Business Copywriter for Pet Health and Technology | Jessica Stevens

Jessica Stevens Professional Business Copywriter for Pet Health and Technology


Professional Business Copywriter for Pet Health and Technology | Jessica Stevens

If you’re a pet professional who wants to take your business to new heights, Jessica Stevens is the gal who can help you stand out.

A pet health and technology copywriter who focuses mostly on digital copy, Jessica believes that copywriting can help innovate animal health conditions by:

  1. educating the target market on the issue, and
  2. making people aware of awesome businesses that are making waves


She shared,

“My job is actually to help business owners stand out from the crowd and to build their businesses. I do this by showcasing their vision and their voice, whatever education that they want to teach their people, their community. I basically highlight their specific attributes that impact the world and today’s digital space.”


Jessica Stevens on What Copywriting Is

(and What It Isn’t)


Although she has been involved in the pet space for some time, Jessica only started business copywriting for pet professionals towards the beginning of the pandemic. Nonetheless, her experience already gave her an overview of what copywriting is and how it can help pet businesses.

“A copywriter is not patent. It’s not an intellectual property because that’s ‘copywrite’ with an ‘R’. It’s ‘copywrite’, like you’re writing something. It’s actually really creative, it’s an unknown sort of thing that’s behind the scenes of most businesses. But it’s anything that’s promotional that you see. It’s anything (that’s) not journalism… Anything that gets you interested in a company or aware of a company and what it offers you.”

With plenty of types of copy today, Jessica focuses mostly on the digital aspect of copywriting, like writing blogs and emails, as well as writing e-books for her clientele.


Professional Business Copywriter for Pet Health and Technology Jessica Stevens


She also creates website copy that attracts customers to her clients’ websites and highlights the practices her clientele has to make them stand out from their competition.

This way, the copy she writes will resonate with their customers and encourage them to take the action that her clients want them to do.

“Without copy, they’re going to leave, and they may not ever come back. And that’s the worst thing that you can have for your business, because when they leave immediately, that tells Google that you just don’t know what you’re talking about. And they got to put you further down the list and bring someone else who might know a little bit better,”

she explained.


Jessica Stevens on Working With Pet Professionals


With her clients, Jessica understands that not many of them are familiar with how copy works. After all, she is well aware that their profession is about helping animals.

Because of this, she uses her experience as a business copywriter for pets to educate vets and other pet professionals on how they can better understand their market.

She said,

“There’s a lot of extremely compassionate people out there that want to promote and reach their customers in the best possible way. And they’re willing to listen to you, or whoever is helping them, in good faith. So, how we approach the content situation is: we’ll just see what their goals are, what they’re currently doing, what’s working, what’s not working, what their customers are actually searching for, like in the Google searches, and how we can adapt and meet that gap. And then we can resolve that gap as best as we can for that specific practice.”


Professional Business Copywriter for Pet Health and Technology Jessica Stevens


In conjunction with this, Jessica uses a lot of paid and free tools to help her create copies that add incredible value to her clients’ business.

“If you’re crazy busy… and you’ve been in so many different directions that you just do not have the time to be in the head space, where you can write something that’s outside of the clinic’s and your customers’ perspectives… that’s kind of difficult. So, that’s the benefit of having someone from the outside come in and help you,”

she elaborated.

To help her clients further stand out from the rampant online noise, Jessica also advises them on how they shouldn’t only focus on the customer service and experience they provide in their clinics.

They should also have a variety of copy, such as emails and social media updates, that can cultivate their relationship with their customers.

After all, her copy does not only help her clients reach their customers. On the contrary, the pet industry is very social. And it is this sociability that increases the chances of appealing emotionally to their market using great content that matters.

Closing the podcast, Jessica also wants to inspire others to take the next step to their own dreams:

“You’re tuned into the show because you have the heart to hear what’s on the landscape of pet innovation. And you guys are the heart and soul of this industry, and your voices need to be heard. So, go ahead out there. Take that next step.”


Learn more about Jessica Stevens and her services here.

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Jessica: Hi, I’m Jessica Stevens, and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Awesome introduction, Jessica. So, tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Jessica: My job is actually to help business owners stand out from the crowd and to build their businesses by showcasing their vision and their voice. Whatever education that they want to teach their people, their community basically, highlight their specific attributes that impact the world in today’s digital space.

Chris: In the digital space so, you’re talking about— websites and social media and stuff like that, right?

Jessica: Absolutely, yes. A lot of times people will think that there’s so much content online, and so that they want to put smaller and smaller, amounts of content on their website. Or maybe not at all.

Just like: Let’s do other ways of reaching out faster than most people are online, and they’re going to search you through a search engine, and that’s how they’re going to connect with you at first. And so, if you don’t resonate with them on that first little bit or whatever they type in, if you don’t show up, they’re probably just going to go to the first portion that did pop up.

70% of them aren’t going to go to the next page. They’re going to stay on that first page of results. And so, all that comes down to is copywriting, which is exactly my job title: Pet Health and Technology Copywriter.

Chris: The other thing is having a strategy. I find a lot of people don’t even know— So, they write a blog, like once every six months, you know, about something that’s really not impactful. So, how do you approach working with clients to do that?

Jessica: So, if they don’t realize that the content is important, which is a big thing. So, when I first started in the pet health space, it was right towards the beginning of the pandemic. And a lot of veterinarians understand that they need to be on the Internet and how to help people connect with them because it couldn’t be physical, physically connected like they used to.

But they didn’t really understand the keywords and the content has to matter—like how it works. And the background— you know meta tags, and all these things that go into making your company show up, they don’t understand. They don’t need to understand. They’re veterinarians, their profession is to help animals.

So, as a copywriter, I can come alongside of them, and just maybe educate them. If they’re willing to understand, some people— of course, you get this in any industry who think they know— something, and you can’t tell them anything different. But, there’s a lot of extremely compassionate people out there, that want to promote and reach their customers, in the best possible way, and they’re willing to listen, to you, or you know—whoever’s helping them.

But how we approach the content situation is, we’ll just see what their goals are, what they’re currently doing, what’s working, what’s not working, what their customers are actually, searching for— like in the Google searches and how we can adapt and meet that gap. And then we can solve— resolve that gap as best we can for that specific practice.

Chris: Yeah, I love that. A lot of people don’t realize that even for a local veterinarian practice, there’s a strategy that goes into this.

‘And what are your customers searching for?’ ‘And they type in the City and State?’ ‘Are they type in a zip code?’ ‘Are they looking for a specialty vet?’ ‘Maybe somebody that does a particular type of practice.’

So, how do you go about taking a vet and doing these targeted keywords?

Jessica: There’s a lot of online tools that we can use. Some of them are free. Some of them are paid sources— and actually, you can do this yourself. Anyone can, you know use this, especially the free tools. Anybody can use the tools. But it does take time, a lot of time, and you got to know what you’re looking for.

But the point is that it’s incredibly valuable, to implement into your business. And if you’re crazy busy with all these a million and one things and you got more people coming in— and I’ve seen pulled in so many different directions, to find the time, to just add a type and get in the headspace, where you can write something that’s— it’s outside of the clinics, and the customers perspective from outside, before they even walk in the door. That’s kind of difficult.

That’s the benefit of having someone from the outside, come in and help you.

Chris: Yeah, and it is. Because I think about— obviously, if I’m looking for a vet, unless it’s a real, real specialty vet or something, I need for my animal, I’m going to be looking pretty close to home, and there’s a lot of vet offices that probably would qualify. So, how do I even go about doing that?

Jessica: So, I’m going to be looking for a good quality website, where I can learn about the people, understand… how they take care of their clients.

And it’s more than just, while they’re in there with you. “And then okay, goodbye.” That’s part of it, your customer service when they’re right there. That experience actually starts, when they first hear of you. And for as long as your relationship continues, as long as they have their animal.

Because if they continue— that the animals do not need things, as I need vaccines, as I need emergencies happen, routine care. If they’re older, then they need certain other health-related things. And how your relationship with that client is— is cultivated through things like emails and consistent updating:

“Hey, we’re having a specialist,” or “It’s October, we’re going to have a bar press or whatever.”

You know, like having some kind of thing and you’re invited, and those types of interactions that are not mailed always, because some people think, direct mail is the only way— we’re going to sit there and get everyone to zip code. We’re gonna spend hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars, getting everybody in the area on our mailing list. And that’s the only thing we’re going to do.

But more and more, you see, people are just Googling because it’s free, it’s free, and they’re going to type in: festivals and fall or something, and you want to pop up on that— because that’s how they’re going to know.

“Oh, look, there’s a dog park thing, you know, that’s going to be so cute.” “And plus, you will be great in that, and you can dress up like a pumpkin.” 

And they start going crazy with their minds or how they can connect that, who you’re going to invite. It increases their experience and they connect—they release that to you and your practice, and you help them with that experience. Or maybe it’s a date. Or maybe it’s something else that they’re doing.

Chris: Now I know you also do social media. So, you’re tying the two together, so that you’re developing a good social media strategy, which helps to bring people back out to the website as well. Jessica: The pet industry in general is super social. There are more pet parents on social media than you’ll find—just probably anywhere else, more proofs on Facebook, dedicated to pet parents and different specialty pet ownership, like lizards or birds or whatever— than just about anywhere I think.

To tie in social media with that as cute pictures, really, as people like the short, like snappy little small information bits, with pictures that are just attractive, like a cute puppy or like a bird that looks like their bird or something like that. Or maybe it’s tricks. You know, people love tricks when you can get a video or some photography of some tricks or some kind of cute dog. Photography is another great point because you can have great content and content totally matters. Probably more than pictures, but pictures—people are very visual. They need to see what you’re doing and how it connects. And if it’s a bad picture or their grainy or they’re just not good quality, people are just going to bypass, especially on social media, just like, whatever going on the front on. But if there’s a stunning picture, they’re like, “Wow, that’s really great.”

And so transitioning that have a big need for—how do I take better pictures? And how do I— you know— can I put in my practice, and they always want to go to stock photos, because they’re so “high quality,” but they’re so generic too.

They’re not— one of the ways I was trying to help my vets, is like people who bring their pets in and you ask them, “Hey, can we take a picture of your vet for our article online?” They’re like, “Oh, my God, he’s famous!” You know like— they’re gonna share, she’s on— the website, and it boosts the community that way as well, since you ask people.

Chris: So, now have you always been into pets? I mean, how did you get started in this?

Jessica: Okay, well originally I have— I was working a 9 to 5 job. It was actually middle of a night job. I went in it was dark, when I came home it was dark. It was completely—I didn’t rely upon any of my values, it was like I was gone, missing most of my family events, most of the things, my friend’s weddings because I had to work. And I did not believe in what it was about. I come to the point, where I need to change what I’m doing— what am I good at, what do I know, what does the world need, what does aligns my values. And I came up with copywriting, there’s something about the tangibility of a pet ownership, and the compassion in the—I guess the emotional appeal to animals and how easily people can led astray, because they love their animals and their in a tight situation and they need to make  a decision. So, they buy— for instance they need to buy the blue buffalo dog food, the big brands, any big brand can tell you something and you don’t do the research, you don’t know, you’re just gonna go with what they say because they should know right. But you don’t think they’re trying to tell you, they’re trying to make that awesome commercial about the wolf and dog. You know— unleash your dog’s inner wolf. But really you know, there’s this small business that comes up, “Actually, you know animals— dogs shouldn’t eat an all-meat diet, there should be a lot of plant-based diets in there as well.” And so, you get those sorts of conflicting people, but those little voices, are the ones that I really wanted to help and raise them to the top and help them connect with their audience. So, that’s the way, the pet’s sphere goes. Because really, it’s all those small voices that create a series of the direction that we’re going and it did take really the landscape of pet space. Which it affects me, it affects my dog, it affects everyone like us, out there.

Chris: You know, I think it’s really cool, it’s a niche that you’re fulfilling. As you said, you’re really helping because you’re doing the good copywriting, the content management, the social media and something— that is really important to any business, as you know today in our digital world.

So, Jessica, how can people get a hold of you? How can they find you if they’re interested. Jessica: Okay, so I have my website is JESSICASTEVENSAGENCY.COM

You can find me on Facebook, @JESSICASTEVENSAGENCY, or LinkedIn at the same— if you want to, if you’re interested, or if you have questions about your content or maybe just want someone to talk to, just real briefly for 15 minutes. We can schedule a call, we can get it in.

Like I said, we’ll figure out where are you going, what you need, and what might be the solution for you, to reaching your goals. And that would be— I would just love to talk, and hear your vision of your— of your business.

Chris: And as we wrap up, I’ll just remind our viewers and listeners, If you’ve got a great idea for somebody, I should have on the show. An amazing person like Jessica, just go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and let us know and we’ll get them on the show and talk to him.

So, thanks again Jessica, for coming on and sharing all your wisdom.It was really great to talk to you.

Jessica: Thank you, Chris.

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