Improve Your Dog’s Life With Love and Science │ Genie’s Therapeutics


Improve Your Dog’s Life With Love and Science │ Genie’s Therapeutics

Are you looking for a product that can help improve your dog’s quality of life? A product that can help lessen or alleviate your pup’s wellness problems? You can try the products of Genie’s Therapeutics if those are the things you seek and wish for!


Genie’s Origin Story

Improve Your Dog’s Life With Love and Science │ Genie’s Therapeutics

Alex Kozushin, CEO, helped start Genie’s Therapeutics in loving memory of their family Airedale Terrier dog, Genie, who was diagnosed with a fast-growing nasal cancer. 

Cancer margins remained despite spending so much on two surgeries to remove the tumor. They have very few options: a prognosis of 3-4 months without pushing for any medical treatment or 6-7 months with radiation. Alex and his family weren’t content with that. 

“But we were not going to accept the options that we were given, for Genie. We weren’t just to stand and watch him deteriorate. We went to, we searched, and we did everything we could.”

Radiation treatment was too expensive and risky, they concluded. Alex decided to do something more, thinking there had to be a better way to go about it.

Being involved in the medical cannabis industry for over a decade, they decided to dwell deeper and research the therapeutic benefits of cannabis to dogs. They used their savings and created a formula for Genie. 

Genie lived happily for another three years without the Nasal Sarcoma coming back. This success sparked the start of Genie’s Therapeutics. 


Equal Part of Love and Science: Genie’s Dream and Mission

Genie’s Therapeutics is proud of its motto; Equal parts of love and science. Its primary mission has always been to provide a line of products that can help improve a dog’s quality of life. All that using both the power of love and science! 

Being in the cannabis industry is not easy, especially concerning pets. People tend to relate weed and marijuana with hemp and cannabinoid science, which many would avoid. The bad reputation keeps potential customers away, stopping them from even considering it. 

Fortunately, the cannabis industry is receiving more recognition nowadays. People are starting to see it in a more positive light. 

“All these different cannabinoids, we have researched in humans, and we have research on dogs. We have lots of research on dogs, and we continue to research because, you know why? It works.”

The people behind Genie’s Therapeutics are working hard to ensure that every product they release is safe, effective, and USDA organic certified! 

They don’t use medical terms to promote their products. Instead, they use more accurately appropriate terms that they would be able to support using research. They carefully choose their words to ensure they stay true to their claims.  

Improve Your Dog’s Life With Love and Science │ Genie’s Therapeutics

“What we say is what the research supports.”

That is the science part of Genie. As for the love portion, it all comes down to Genie’s Dreams.

The heart of the company is to give back. Genie’s Therapeutics does so through its non-profit dedicated to raising awareness of issues associated with canine wellness. Included in that is the Economic Euthanasia. 

Genie’s Therapeutics donates 1% of its sales to California-based rescue organizations and shelters to help prevent issues that could lead to economic euthanasia.  

The stories they receive motivate them to move and strive forward. It pushes Alex to continue their mission and dream. 

“Start your research. Do your research. You can make an incredible, positive impact on your dog’s life with cannabinoids.”


If you’re interested to know more about Genie’s Therapeutics, you can visit their official website at

You can find more information about their products and programs there! You may also find informative content about cannabinoids! 

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Alex: I’m Alex Kozushin, and you’re tuned in to The Animal Innovations Show.

Chris: Tell us who you are and how you’re innovating and helping animals.

Alex: My name is Alex Kozushin.

I am the CEO and one of the co-founders of Genie’s Therapeutics. And we were founded when our family dog, our Airedale Terrier named Genie— loved her so much.

She was diagnosed with fast-growing nasal cancer. And at first, she was diagnosed as benign. They removed the tumor after the first surgery. Everything seemed fine.

The tumor grew back twice as fast. Then there was another surgery. It was heartbreaking. They weren’t able to remove all of the tumors. There were still margins of cancer left.

And after spending a whole bunch of bunch of money, we weren’t given very many options. We were basically told, “Okay, you can do nothing and your prognosis is three to four months.”

And it’s not a pretty prognosis, or you can do radiation and your prognosis is six to eight months. That wasn’t really acceptable to us. My wife and I, we don’t have any children. Our dogs are our children, they are family. They are everything to us.

So, we had some— while I was in the entertainment industry for a while, I was working on a medical cannabis farm.

I’ve heard of anecdotal stories of cannabinoids working on dogs, but this is the first organized formulation that I’ve seen.

So, we basically took all our savings and we created this formula. nd we went to the Internet and we said— social media, and we said, we’ll give you a formulation for free. If you can show us that there’s a need for your dog, if you can show us benefit, then all we ask in return is that you journalize and document your experience, so we can improve it.

We did that for three and a half years,and the results were incredible. I mean— the friends we met, the stories, the dogs, and that’s where we are today.

We launched our hemp’s initial blend, which is our first SKU, It’s our hero SKU It’s very unique formulation for the hemp industry. It’s very unique packaging. Our whole program is very unique.

And we launched that after all these years of work, back in November. For the first time officially, and things are going great.

We’re getting great testimonials every day and really excited about working on cannabinoid science.

Chris: Wow, there’s a lot there to unpack.

I mean, you started this based upon just an experience, obviously with your own dog.

Alex: You’re exactly right, it’s different.

But we were not going to accept the options that we were given for Genie. We weren’t just going to sit and watch her deteriorate.

We went to research, we did everything we could. And I can assure you that our first formulation is substantially different than where we are today.

But you’re exactly right, it was a leap for us.

Chris: How do you help me understand?

How do I get over the fear and sort through?

Because there’s always people that do it the right way and then there’s all the people that are just trying to make money off of it.

Alex: It’s a new industry.

So, we have what we have— the pet industry, which, you know, is booming. It’s incredible growth for such a large industry.

And the pet cannabinoid industry is even growing faster. So, there’s a lot of wild wild west component, and it’s not easy.

I mean, you’re an expert. There’s a big, big issue there.

People relate marijuana, weed with hemp and cannabinoid science. So, we always say we’re equal parts love and science.

There’s an awful lot of scientific research out there in cannabinoids, not just cannabinoids in humans, whether it’s CBD, whether it’s CBDA, whether it’s THC, all these different cannabinoids.

We have research on humans and we have research on dogs. We have lots of research on dogs. And we’re continuing to research because you know why? It works, it works.

It improves the quality of life for dogs and improves the quality of life for humans.

We’re USDA organic certified and we’re going to try to work to make sure every product we ever release is USDA organic certified.

We have to go through a lot of hoops, a lot of jumps to ensure that we get approved USDA organic.

But you have to do your research, just like you’re going to give anything for your kid, just like you’re going to give whatever dog food for your dog, you’re going to go and research it.

Chris: So Alex, the product that you guys have now, is it just for dogs that have been diagnosed with cancer? What’s the usage?

What should somebody that’s listening to this or watching this—What should they even be considering to use this for?

Alex: So— thanks for that question, because—you know, we have to be extremely careful. And if we want to be one of the good companies, we have to really work hard on what we say.

If we don’t have scientific evidence to support that our hemp signature blend kills cancer cells, then we’re not going to say it.

But what we say is what the research supports. So, what do we say? We don’t use a term like pain because pain is a medical term. We use muscular and joint discomfort.

It’s a similar type thing—skeleton discomfort, skeletal discomfort.

So, we don’t use a term like anxiety, because anxiety is a medical term, and we need to be able to prove that directly with our Hemp Signature Blend before we make any kind of medical claims.

That’s what we really say.

You buy Hemp Signature Blend for muscular and joint discomfort and from stress resulting from everyday activities.

Chris: And then it sounds like right now, this particular blend is just for dogs, because I know you mentioned initially you were looking at for cats, but it sounds like you really had to laser focus in for this particular product.

Alex: And the truth there is— we’re going to have it one day.

I love cats, we have cats. I know you have cats, Chris. For cats, in particular, are very smell averse, and we use olive, we use organic olive oil as our carrier oil, and cats don’t like olive oil.

We use that for a very specific reason because we’re scientific-based and it creates better efficacy.

And dogs love— they have no problem, 99% of them, with olive oil.

The cats have a little bit of an aversion to that.

Chris: I think that’s a really important point that you’re making.

Now, one of the things I wanted to talk about and point out, Alex, is you guys are a very big proponent of giving back.

Talk about some of the ways, because as a believer in supporting rescues and working dogs and things like that, that sounds like that’s something that’s at the heart of your company as well.

Alex: I’ve been blessed with some opportunities to try some great things in my life, and never in my life have I been involved in an industry where you have an opportunity to make a couple of dollars, but more importantly, people come up to you and say, 

“Thank you for improving my life.”

“You made my dog’s life better, and that’s made my family’s life better.”

“I can’t thank you.”

“And this is how it happened, my dog was destroying everything in my house when we were leaving him alone.”

“Now he’s comfortable and we come back to a functional house.”

We get stories like that. We get stories of, for the first time in five years, my dog is jumping on the couch.

Those stories are really what moves us. That’s what inspires us to do every day. 

So, yeah, we do give back. One part of our mission is we have Genie’s Dream, which is dedicated to Genie, and that’s our 501c3 nonprofit.

And just like similar to the Patagonia model, we contribute 1% of all our revenue, which is a chunk—but overall, it’s a lot of money, a good percentage that we want to give away. In particular, we’re working on economic euthanasia, improving the euthanasia rate in shelters.

We’re really doing a great job. In the last 20 years, we’ve done excellent.

Chris: Yeah, I appreciate that, and I’m glad to see that you guys really are focused and mission-based and really purposeful about what you’re trying to do.

So, it sounds like you got big plans for where you guys are going. Lots of opportunities.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we wrap things up today, Alex?

Alex: Start your research, do your research.

You can make an incredible, positive impact in your dog’s life with cannabinoids, elderly dogs, mobility dogs, stressed-out dogs.

So, do your research to make your dog’s life better.

Chris: Well, Alex, why don’t you tell people the website and how they can learn more.

Alex: GENIESTHERAPEUTICS.COM we have lots of information based on science. You can get into the weeds and science.

So, we suggest that you get on to our website. We have information about research, about science, about cannabinoids.

Chris: I love where you’re going.

I love the fact that you guys are giving back and so maybe you’re listening or watching and you’ve either seen a new product or have an idea for a product.

We’d love to know about it. Go to INNOVATIONS.SHOW and we’d love to have you on the show.

I always like to put in a plug. Don’t forget to sign up to be a volunteer on DOOBERT.COM where you can become a foster, you can become a transporter. There’s so many different ways that you can help animals.

And Alex, thank you so much for coming on today. I really appreciate it, I enjoyed learning more about it and I’m really excited to see where you’re going to go next.

Alex: Thanks very much. And we’re going to keep following you and you have a great show and we really look forward to learning more and listening more, thanks.

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